i'm beginning to look a lot more asian...

the dissoluble lip band-aid. i've been waiting for the day when it removes it's crusty food-clad self...

voila!! when she woke up this morning, it was gone!!!

seriously, her skin looks amazing in person! there is no scar, just peachy brand new skin. i can't even see where the stitching was!!!

the nose tubes are another story.
she is handling them better than i am.
they look painful and boogery and i hate them.
but i know the longer they stay in, the better the long term nose result will be.
we are hoping to keep them in for 7 weeks.
we have 5 weeks, 4 days to go.
since they are sewn in, we must be very careful not to let her pull at them. thankfully, thus far, she is terrified to touch her sweet nose. if i had tubes sewn up my nose, i would be too. 

i have 7 posts drafted about how much i miss her cleft.
i don't think i'll ever post them.
each one makes me sounds crazier than the next.
it is a strange conundrum to love her new appearance and at the same time desperately wish for one more kiss, day, moment, year with the old.
i'm missing her smile and silly expressions the most.
thankfully, we are seeing her personality shining through again, which helps.
i will always upon always cherish our 5 months with the original. i will always upon always swoon when i see a cleft baby. and if we ever adopt again, i will seek out a creatively lipped child because my eyes have been changed. my soul has been engraved with the beauty of God's creation in something i never found beautiful before.
to know a creatively lipped child is to love them for the rest of your years.
there is something so special and life changing about this girl and the way she has changed my soul.
it's not her cleft...it's who she is.
her spirit. determination. peaceful joy in the face of adversity.
 it's who she was created to be and the way God amazingly intertwined our lives and our family.

in fact, i seriously think we are starting to look alike...
take this one for example...one of my favorites of her and i on the morning of her surgery...
is it just me, or am i beginning to look at lot more asian?? :)

makes me want to jump through my computer and kiss her sweet little face off!!!!


  1. You're totally Asian! ;) I actually can understand your nostalgia, even though I don't have a cleft kiddo. Emery looks so different to me now...still beautiful...but a new face!

  2. Oh, she's just beautiful. I can "get" your nostalgia, but the results so far are just amazing!

  3. We'll count down the days until the end of nose tubes and casts together! 5 weeks four days left for Em, and 7 weeks, 5 days for G. We can all do it!!

  4. Love that last photo, Angie! :) You are such a great Mama, and feel free to write and/or post whatever your heart is feeling. I don't think you're crazy... :) xo

  5. You're such a good mom!!!!!! I see the beauty of God through adoption just wonderful. She is beautiful and precious little girl, who yes is looking like mommy. :) Just Precious!!!!!!! We got our I800 Provisional Approval, waiting to be cabled, Article 5, and TA. I can't believe we are almost going to meet our daughter. :) God Bless, and I pray for God's healing hand on her. :)

  6. Those things in my nose would drive me nuts too! :) Her repair is looking GREAT, but I know what you mean about missing the cleft. Daughter #2 came to use with her lip repaired...but Daughter #3 (who has been home about 6 weeks) is unrepaired. I love it and her big, wide smile. The first stage of her lip repair has been scheduled. And while I originally wished it to be scheduled much sooner, I'm not grateful to have a few more weeks of her looking like her original, beautiful self.
    I love how you describe your love of cleft kids...I feel the same way.

  7. Oh Angie!! You go with your Asian self!!!! Lol....I love her so much, I love your words...you've summed up my heart!! I may quote you someday in a future post becuase it's as if you are "in my head" . She looks amazing.....love u, girl!! Will continue to pray!!!!

  8. Oh how I love how you put your thoughts and feelings in words. :) You are looking more like her and her like you. And, for what it's worth, I would miss the cleft too. She is amazing. Can't wait to meet her sometime...soon hopefully!

    Hey, btw, I'm advocating for the sweetest little 17 month old boy on my blog. I so desperately want to help find his family and get him home. If you know of anyone who might be interested, can you send them the link? He is just precious. Thanks, A.

  9. I found your blog through Under the Sycamore and I just want to say congratulations on your adoption! I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts and will continue to keep up. I have two girls myself, and really hope to adopt from China someday. Your children are all beautiful!!

  10. The moment when an adoptive mother and daughter start to "look alike" is a beautiful one... enjoy it! Happy New Year to your sweet family.



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