it's quite sunny {our normal day}

we had a normal day.
2 in fact. i'm marveling at the normal.
we drew crazy stuff all over the floor.

we had a playdate (gasp. it's been weeks)
we opted out of wearing our pj's all day (gasp again. it's been weeks)

we took down the tree
we made messes and put stuff away, only to get it all back out again.

we are on day 2 of no meds. that's right. oxycontin sits lonely on the shelf.
baby girl is back.
she smiled and giggled and ran around
we all chased her and tickled her and marveled at her lower lip smile (since the top lippie is still a bit frozen)

she got into stuff and climbed and ate cookies and freaked out when the cookies were all gone.
she's back.
and since i've been trying to slam her with calories (her slight 17 lbs is now back in the 16's - sometimes i wonder if she's actually a newborn :) i've resorted to cookies.
post surgery she got extra picky. even her usual favorite avocados were a no-go. yeesh.

with cookies, i've introduced all of the things i would never normally do...like douse every edible item with butter, olive oil, syrup, etc. i buy fatty cuts of meat, serve hot dogs for lunch and make quesadillas super extra crazy cheezy. and much to the boys delight, i add hearty portions of chocolate syrup to her smoothies (to which they also indulge) and slather anything and everything with peanut butter.

but the cookies have been trouble.
maybe it's her 18 month age.
maybe it's the sugar coma i have induced
but girlfriend has learned the power of the throwdown tantrum.
she's a professional.
even adds a fancy head fling-flair and a spin move whilst imposing her blood curl scream.
i gotta say, i've given in a time or two
which, as we know in mom land, only makes the next tantrum that much worse.
no more sister. no more.
i gently walk away from the throwdown. not out of the room (still trying not to disrupt attachment) but a gentle back turn is all that is required for the antics to pause.
if i even so much as turn my gaze ever so slightly in her direction
whoa mama. look out.
it's actually kindof humorous....or at least it would be if it weren't so frustrating :)

i say all of this...because it's normal.
it's life stuff.
and the throwdown tantrum is childrearing 101.
it means we are on the other side of surgery.
the real life side.

i'll take throwdown cookie tantrum any day over horrible, pitiful, sobbing cries.
we are on the other side.
it's quite sunny over here :)


  1. YAY! This is awesome news angie. except for the tantrums of course. You keep being strong lady. You've got this.

  2. Hmmm, you're putting a positive spin on the tantrums...yeah, I see it. :) We too are finding the ignoring strategy VERY effective. It's so interesting to think about some of these negative behaviors in light of attachment--things that are frustrating or annoying, but also might signal healthy attachment. Argh. Good thing my Father is so very wise! Love to you today.



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