we had a beautiful day

i'm exhausted.
shortly, my eyes will be closing and my head will sink deeply into my feathery pillow.
but oh, this day.
our mid-morning and early afternoon was spent gallivanting around IKEA
(quite possibly the loveliest place on earth)
i told the boys i had a surprise adventure, but didn't tell them where we were going. when we pulled up in front of IKEA, rowan said "oh mommy, i'm so happy! as soon as i take my seat belt off, i'm going to give you a big hug and kiss!!" 
gotta love a place in which moms and kids can share the same enthusiasm.
we indulged in a semi-cheap lunch, had 3 ice creams and made the purchase of a new craft organization center that was on clearance. oh and emery snuggled at least 19 stuffed animals. and i when i say "snuggled" i actually mean "smothered". it was adorable, though probably very uncouth, being that we didn't purchase any of said smothered animals.
we did, however, test out various couches, tabletops and rolly carts. all were found little-boy proof. way to go IKEA. you survived another day.

IKEA just to happens to be on the way to CHOP (children's hospital of philadelphia), where emery had her post-op visit today.
not only was her doctor thrilled with her recovery, he said it's one of the best CL/CP repairs he's ever done!!
and it gets better...
as he was cleaning out her nose stints (can you sense the screaming that ensued?) he decided to take them out!!
yes, we are nose stint free!!!
hoping to snag a few pics tomorrow :)

and now back to my feathery pillow.
blogs and pictures can wait.
so can dinner dishes and 7 loads of laundry, a half organized organizing center, a nearly torn apart craft room, a disheveled toy area and the remnants of an electric pencil sharpener that "accidentally" opened while it was "accidentally" carried all over the house.
yes, i'm sure i'll have time for all those things tomorrow.


  1. Yay for no more nose stints!!! I'm sure Emery is so relieved to have them out!!! IKEA is just wonderful, I agree!! Glad you had a wonderful day, can't wait to see pics!!:)

  2. sadly, i have never experienced the holy fantastic-ness that i hear is ikea. :( i think the closest one to me is in chicago. in my many trips there, i have just never had time. this must be remedied.
    yay for no more nose stents!!!! way to go emery!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Wow...what a great surprise. Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. so, if you woke up and didnt feel like attacking that list you ended your post with, at least please take pictures! :) of Emery, of the mid-process art center, of the mess...for some reason it is just so stinkin encouraging that other people live just like us!!! :)

    1. (this was Alli Despres-Sienna's mom!



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