the adoption club {it's fantastic}

when you adopt, you are automatically enrolled in the membership of a new club
a club that you didn't even know existed before-hand
it's like pregnancy, motherhood, marriage...
you can't get in until you're in
and once you are? you find something so fantastic...you didn't even know you were missing it in your life.

(eek!!!!! my favorite photo!! look at those trampoline smiles!!)

yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting a club member who's been a blog friend for a while.
honestly, it sounds a little strange to me to say "i'm meeting up with a blog friend" but you know what?
blog friends are real friends. today proved it :)

when i say it was a blessing to spend the day these sweet friends, it was truly a blessing
what could be better than sitting on the floor, surrounding by sweet and loving kids...
and marveling at our sweet china girls as they bop around in such a similar manner
not only are they nearly the same age and size, but even the sounds their voices make and their cute, quirky mannerisms are so similar

 sweet, gorgeous Tahlia is so delicious, i wanted to scoop her up and kiss her all day.

but knowing she isn't so keen on strangers smooching her, i exercised a vast amount of self control and refrained from totally freaking her out :)

tahlia is the youngest of 5, and what a loving bunch they are.
everywhere i looked, there was someone holding one of our girls, playing with them, or helping them up when they fell. they spoke with kindness and sweetly embraced my three with such love.
truly, they make a family of 7 look easy

 my boys had never before been on a giant trampoline (gasp)!  they (meaning foster) thought it was the best thing on earth. within moments he already taught himself to do front flips and flying leaps.
rowan, however, was not enthused. see his lifeless body flopping around?? you can't see it in this picture, but he was sobbing and screaming. seconds later i saved him from tranpoline terror. he's a "second try" kind of a kid. i bet next time he'll be doing front flips with the best of them.

miss emery has newly overcome her stranger anxiety in the past month
she surprised me by letting any and all of the CanneLongo's hold her
she was also quite liberal with her saucy smooches, much to the chagrin of Tahlia who wasn't so sure if she wanted a big slobbery kiss :)

it's a small world
blog friends are real friends
and we are all so similar, even in our uniqueness
it was a pleasure to spend time with you my dear friend.
i can't wait until our next play date...
it's incredible to know we are in life together :)


  1. beautiful! everyone is so lucky to have each other.

    And I must say as a little Sister close in age to my Big Sis, the trampoline was a bit rough if you found yourself in the "I can't get up pattern" while your Sister uses your weight to leverage herself higher. :)

  2. **tears**...Ang, this post is so beautiful. My kids are already asking and begging for when you all get to come back!! :) I am so thankful the Lord allowed our lives to intersect due to this awesome club, and these amazing two little girls who have completely and utterly rocked our worlds with overflowing love and joy! It's overwhelming to be so blessed. God is so good!! I love your kids...those boys are beyond scrumptious!! And, how awesome is it that our little girls will have each other to grow up with and grow deeper in their relationship and be able to share together their stories, journeys, and bond of adoption. I imagine an amazing friendship that will bloom and an amazing support system for each other....as I feel I have with you. I am so thankful for you!! Can you move next door, please...the house is for sale!LOL LOVE u!!!

  3. ...and I SO AGREE! Bloggy friend are REAL friends...I don't know where I'd be w/o them!!! SERIOUSLY!!! :)It's so wonderful to be able to meet in person, nothing quite like a REAL hug!:)

  4. How fun! As soon as I saw the first trampoline picture, I thought, "Oh Tahlia!!" :) It is a small and wonderful club to be in!! So glad you guys had an awesome day!

  5. So stinking cool!! Next time I better have an invite though!

    Love all of you!

  6. I love it!!!!!!!!!! We got to meet a blog family too when we were driving home for Disney!!!!!!! Some of the most precious people I have met have been adoptive families on blog's. Some of the most precious people period have been adoptive families. It's like they understand God's Love. Sooooooo Awesome. Have a great week with those sweet kiddos.



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