it was quiet {for at least 5 mississippi's}

it's not too often (ok, never) that i catch her relaxing
given the nina, the pinta and the santa maria, this little explorer could have found the new world in less than a day
we are constantly keeping up with emery, not the other way around :)
but for a rare moment...dare i say several moments, i captured this lovely creature...at rest

on occasion, big brother 1 and 2 enjoy a movie...
you know, when mama needs a few moments to gather her thoughts, scrounge dinner or perhaps take a shower...

(oh how i love tiny kid feet!!)

but miss Christopher Columbus never seems to take notice...until today.

(tiny feet!!! eek! i looooove hers!!)

never thought i would be so excited to see a child sit and watch tv!!

it didn't last long, and after enough mississippi counts to snap a few tender moments...
she was off to explore. new worlds to be found.

she never stops, and if given a full belly and a full nights rest, she's quite pleasant. and when i say "she", really i'm referring to me :) like mother like daughter, right?

speaking of the girl who never stops, we've been referred to a nutritionist over the past few months who is helping us to analyse emery's growth. much to our delight, she has caught up in nearly every area that she was initially lagging behind in when she came home. we have even stopped physical therapy because she no longer needs it!! ha!! so cool!  but her weight (17lbs) has leveled off in such a way that they (you know, "they") are concerned that her lack of weight gain is something to be concerned about. apparently, her measurements are un-proportional. her head is on the growth chart (way to go brain!!) while the rest of her hasn't quite made it's appearance on the chart.

personally, i think she looks fantastic! yes, when shed of her clothing, she resembles the size of my boys at birth :) but seriously...she's just a tiny little girl. perhaps she was a premie?? the world may never know. regardless, i wasn't concerned until they told me to be concerned. leave it to "them".

i have no idea how to add more calories. i'm already drizzling olive oil in her yogurt. adding scoops of calorie supplements to her high calorie formula and calorie laden smoothies. she never eats a morsel of anything unless it has a dollop of peanut butter, ketchup (her favorite), or cheese, etc. and if i could count the number of avocados and potatoes lathered in butter this girl has consumed? she could feed north america with her appetite for those two items alone.

i say all of this because (a) maybe someone out "there" has suggestions? and (b) if you think of it, pray for miss emery to gain some weight :)  i'm hoping she has some buttery thunder thighs in her near future.

i ADORE this shot! must.frame.asap.

it's safe to say, i don't think the real christopher columbus ever wore kicks like these!!


  1. still in guangzhou with our little guy, 4 and a half yr old 24 pounder. Hubby mentioned that he's surprised that he doesn't fall over b/c his head seems to big for his body... we're checking in with a nutritionalist as soon as we step foot on US soil... ok, maybe a week after we get home.

    I'll keep tabs on our little Emery and pray for her as well!

  2. I'll pray for sweet Emery today (and you!). She is perfect! Made me smile to think of her being a "preemie"--especially since she sounds just like my sensory-seeking, never-stopping-26 weeker who won't watch TV, loves ketchup, and eats plenty of calories in a day. Keep us updated on your sweet girl and we will pray for her to gain weight.

  3. You are hilarious! I think she is fine and will grow in her own time. To each their own. My daughter is 3 and is the shortest skinniest little thing compared to others her age, but notice I said "compare". She is special and unique, and you shouldn't worry what "they" say. However, to ease worry I will be praying for her weight gain!

  4. Growth chart, smothe fart... My 4 month old is 19 lbs (with 2 teeth and I think a mustache is coming in). Yeah. Gigantic but not fat at all. He's just a "big boy" and apparently you have a sweet little petite girl. I have a feeling she won't mind not being able to put on weight later in life :)

    I'm praying for your beautiful family, your strength in keeping up with the little one, and mostly for "them" to calm down.

  5. First, LOVE the baby feet pictures! I love baby feet!!! :) Second, you could try Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil, http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/expeller-pressed_coconut_oil.htm, it is VERY good for babies (everyone really) and it tastes yummy! My niece is 1 and eats little bits of it with every meal. :) We'll be starting our two little ones on it once they get home as well as butter/cod liver oil blend. It sounds yuck but comes in different flavors and is oh.so.good. for little brains and bodies. :) Here's the link to that as well. :) http://www.greenpasture.org/public/Products/ButterCodLiverBlend/index.cfm
    Praying for Em's weight to increase! :)

  6. I am asian (Korean) and adopted by American ("white") parents. I came home to them when I was almost 6 months old (a guess...I was abandoned around 3 months old)...while I wasn't as teeny tiny as Emery, my doctors told my parents for months that I was underweight. They fed me everything in sight trying to get me up to a "healthy" weight on the charts...until they went to a different doctor. Perhaps you already are dealing with a doctor who has pointed this out, but growth charts for asian children and caucasian children are different. This includes head sizes and measurements too. So if you haven't already, I definitely suggest finding someone who has experience working with asian children!

    love your family and my prayers are always with you guys

  7. I can relate to both topics of tv and gaining weight. I was surprised when our 2 yr old twins first came to us (fost/adopt). The tv would not capture their attention at all. Because they were #4 + #5 having them slow down occasionally for a little down time would've come in handy. Eventually they have learned to like it just like the rest of them :) It took a little Thomas the Train and Angelina Ballerina :) They are seen by a nutritionist every 6 months. Their slow weight gain has caused some concern as well. They use Boost Essentials now for a snack drink. I heard there is a tasteless powder you can sprinkle on food to add more calories...Duocal I think. They are just on the charts now but by no means have extra fat. Emery sounds like a good eater so I think it will come in time and "they" will be satisfied. She may have had a petite birthmother :)

  8. When receiving our daughter in China @ 16 mos she was 17lbs. By American standard growth charts her head only made the chart @ 3%. It did take her a little while to catch up to her age group. I've had her in dance and gymnastics and the teachers have told me she is very coordinated for her age. She has always been healthy and @ 4.5 she is 29 lbs and 37', but still a petite beauty!

  9. sounds like she's scootin' away all of those calories! If she needs some thunder thighs, she can surely borrow mine :)

    And she's much cuter than Chris Columbus... from what I've read, he was a horrible person. She's just too cute to be him!

  10. I think she seems completely perfect! My girlfriend's (bio) daughter had a lot of trouble gaining weight, and her MD told her to give her melted (full fat, premium) ice cream in her bottle. Not sure if that's something that would appeal to you or not, and I can't honestly imagine it would add anything substantial to all of the wonderful things you are doing already. You go, Mama! It hasn't even been a year yet... she'll get herself to exactly where she needs to be, if she hasn't already.

  11. Love the photos! She is so precious! I know the feeling of having 'them' basically tell you that they are concerned about your child. My doctor told me the same thing with Logan, I knew he was eating fine, but it definitely got me worked up when they said that. He is a lot like Emery and is always on the move, which I'm sure burns up all the calories! Also, she's Asian...have you ever seen a big Asian? She's perfect just the way she is :-) As long as she isn't losing weight and is eating alright, I wouldn't worry. :-)

  12. Adorable photos! A nutritionist once told my friend who needed to gain weight, to eat pizza, dairy, chocolate, and drink whole milk!

  13. Oh Ang, these photos are absolutely precious!!! You so rock with the camera! Those leg warmers on Emery make me SWOON!! I LOVE Legwarmers on tiny little legs!! So, here's the thing...from what you describe, it sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to put weight on this little girl. She looks so great!! And, what the above poster said about not really using dr's "American charts" really makes sense... And, just look at how much she has grown since she has been home....truly amazing! You are doing great with her!!I bet she is just really "tiny-framed" and will always be. awwwwww...I adore her! I can't wait to see ya'll again soon! Tell Emery, there are plenty more beans waiting for her to discover in my basement! ;)

  14. I would think the mother knows best... sounds like you're doing just great and the nutritionist will make sure she doesn't lack anything special, right? Forget the charts, look at your daughter: she never stops and hey, the lighter they stay, the easier it is to carry them for along time to come, who'd want it otherwise?
    Go mama, go little family, you're doing great if we're to believe the pictures...



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