poofy jacket kind of a day

we threw ourselves outside today, in hopes of beckoning spring a bit faster.
though this winter has been strangely mild, we need outside happy 70 degree weather
we need muddy projects and outdoor painting
we need to pack up our poofy jackets and snow boots and store them where the sun don't shine
and bring out the flip flops and picnic lunches and long walks in the cool creekbed

until then, we are throwing ourselves outside
these two boys and this little girl couldn't be happier

miss picky shoes literally came unglued when she saw these furry kicks

she wouldn't even let me carry them for her...she was insistent to not let them out of her sight.
we *might* have a slight shoe obsession in the works. fine by me :)

leave it to a little boy to fall in the mud and laugh with glee because his hands got so muddy

he ended up making some sort of patty, which may or may not have resembled the kind of "patty" that little boys find strangely hilarious

they may or may not have laughed for a half hour every time someone got a piece of "patty" flung in their direction.

and this little poofy girl?

she's killing me in her purple polka dot jacket
she had to keep her arms nearly horizontal to keep from toppling over :)


  1. I kind of LOVE that Eme has a shoe obsession too. I mean, geez, I just HAVE TO GET HER THOSE CUTE SHOES at the store, because, after all, she begged for them. ;) (momma wanted them too :) )

  2. She's got spectacular taste in shoes!!!! I just adore puffy jackets and polka dots on cute kiddos!!!! And,It looks like in that last pic that she is hunting for some water, maybe?!!;) LOL

  3. Oh, it's not unlike those Chinese puffy clothes! Come on, now! Our kids called Lydia "little miss puffy pants" until we brought her home...and put her in Western clothes.

  4. they are all so cute! beautiful captures here!



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