wild hair & the good day

by the time i got downstairs this morning, i nearly felt like my old self. it's 8am and the floor is mopped, the laundry is swirling and the kids are building some sort of fort contraption. oh and i'm writing this blog post. wow, it really is like old times :)
emery has (a videotaped followup research project) therapy at 10 (i'm groaning as i type it) which we are determined to smile all the way through...
and this afternoon...oh this afternoon....we are headed to visit a sweet friend who just brought her baby girl home from china 1 week ago (born only 1 month before emery!!). i couldn't be more thrilled! we saw them at church last night and emery and isabelle spent and hour running around together. i spent that hour chocking back tears to see them bopping around as if they were old friends. pics to come!

and tonight? dinner and drinks with the girls :)

i love today already...
a day that feels like the old me
or maybe the old me, new again

speaking of old things made new, we buzzed the long haired locks that had become quite unruly around here.
i'll be the first to say that i LOVE little boys with fun, wild hair...but when the size of your child's hair doubles the circumference of his head? it might be time for a snip.

exhibit A:

can you tell how much he loves his new do??? so adorable!

i might just kiss off those sweet sweetie cheeks!!

exhibit B:

all grown up and handsome!!
wait, did you grow 4 years in the past 10 minuets? eek, boy...you are getting so big!!

and one of my girl because...well, because i can't resist :)

blurry? yes. girl hasn't stopped moving in the past 48 hours.
she's a flash of fun and wonderful :)

been focusing on this today:
"God can do anything, you know...far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around, but by working within us... His Spirit deeply and gently within us." (eph 3:20 - the message)

...and praying over friends who are anxiously hoping to meet their sweet babies tonight!!! the shared list will be released tonight from China (it has all of the special needs children who are newly added and paper ready).  it's the night that an email literally changes your life :)
join me in praying for wisdom for parents who have been longing to finally see the face of the one they adore.


  1. The boys look totally different! Isn't it amazing what big hair cuts can do? They are so handsome either way .. but you're right - they do look older. Sigh. Time flies too fast. In fact, I was just looking at the banner on your page and seeing how young Emery looked and how different she is now with her wild and wonderful hair! So glad you're feeling more like "you" today too. Much love!

  2. Wow....those are some crazy after pictures. The boys look so handsome....
    Thanks :)

  3. aw, I love the little boy hair. I like it long too, especially when they first wake up and it's all matted and sticking up in the back. So cute. But the shorter looks is perfect for the season :)

    Glad you're feeling better.

  4. oh, I just love love love his new hair do!! Tell him I think he looks 6 y.o. now!!LOL! SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!! So glad today is good day...the sun is makin' for a good day today!! Thank you for the verse, needed that right now. Isn't GOd awesome like that!!! :) Praying for many who are awaiting their referrals...praying praying praying!!!!!!!!!



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