daily emery obsession

i'm obsessed with this girl.

ok fine, i'm sure anyone within a 12 mile radius of this blog knows that
but can you blame me?
her hair and her sweetness slay me...

this girl has style for days.

we are headed to meet up with cait and jeff of Jensen Photography tomorrow morning, and hoping to get a few shutters in before the impending rain. during our homecoming session, they came up with so many incredible shots. even if we have 5 minuets without rain tomorrow, i know they will come up with something beautiful. i'm so grateful they have been willing to help us document emery's first year...it is one of the greatest blessings to our family.

i'm contributing over at WAGI (we are grafted in) today. you may have already read my post a few months ago, but if you have a moment, head over and meet the many other amazing adoptive & foster moms who contribute each day. it's one of my favorite reads because there is such a variety of families represented...oh and it's one of the projects started by my friend kelly. she's quite amazing, so i'm never surprised when everything she touches is amazing :)
she also started The Sparrow Fund, an incredible non-profit who partners with adoptive families for all kinds of things, including fundraising, referral review scholarships, training, among other things.


  1. she is definitely a beauty! enjoy your day of photography. I remember those homecoming pictures- they were spectacular!

  2. Yeah!!! So glad Kelly published that beautiful post of yours! I was blessed again by reading it! How'd the photo shoot go? Can't wait to see the pics!!!!



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