little miss chapstick {& her obsession}

 ever since we brought emery home, she has maintained a solid love affair with a particular item.
pink, sparkle, chapstick to be exact.

she has also added a slightly severe shoe obsession to her list of love affair items.
she changes shoes several times a day because she loves each pair so much.

these little puff-ball ditties are my personal favorite...

as well as these little sunglass spectacles of perfection....

but no obsession is quite as charming or long standing as that of her brothers.

she studies them more than any other...
their every move is memorized

big brothers are awesome. 
plain and simple. 

and thus, i give you...

a lot of pictures :)

we can't quite get enough of this little lady and these big brothers.
these three amaze me with their love for each other...even when they have not-so-loving sibling moments...they bounce back, forgive and show compassion in ways i didn't know they knew.
it's a beautiful thing, this thing call family.
hard, chaotic, busy, exhausting, challenging...
but beautiful.
and totally worth every hard, chaotic, busy, exhausting, challenging day.


  1. little girls are too much fun, shoes, sparkly chapstick, all of it's girly goodness ;)

  2. Oh Angie,
    Loving the pink converse to cute. Have you moved yet?????? We are home.............Mia loves her brothers but is still having a hard time. We have had two days of crying............so sad to see her be so unsure of her surroundings and who we are. I love watching the transformation of Emery since bringing her home. It is very encouraging. One dad in our group said Adoption is not for Weenies.............I now agree with this statement. :)

  3. She cracks me up!!! Love her little obsessions...i also am in love with her beautiful rosebud lips....was totally studying them in the pictures. She's adorable....I love the sibling pics! Isn't it quite amazing how the Lord handpicks the perfect child that will perfectly melt into the family dynamics? He's so awesome. Ahhhh, beautiful chaos is exactly what it is :)

  4. Love all the photos Mama! Your kiddos are amazing! And the Toms shoes made me laugh out loud! I have the same pair, same color, and same exact hole that I haven't bothered doing anything about. I just keep wearing them. You'd think I would take the advice of Ashley and fix it, but alas, I have not. :)

  5. We've been having one of those weeks in our house, too...I'm so completely enamored of watching all of my babies loving on each other, most especially to watch Grace stare at her brothers with such awe and joy and laughter! It's just one of the best feelings in the whole world, isn't it?? And pink converse hi-tops = pure awesome.

  6. This girl can grow hair like no one's biznaz! Look how short her hair was less then a year ago! I am amazed! She is beautiful, as are your boys. You are one blessed lady!

  7. how perfect, seriously. just beauty and love everywhere you look. I love the one of all 3 of their feeties together. What a mutual gift for all.

  8. She is just so beautiful, as are your boys. I cant believe how grown up emery looks! You are very blessed. X

  9. My youngest, Claire, has an obsession with chap stick and shoes, too! I love little girls! :)



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