rainy day doughnuts {19.3 lbs to be exact}

a day to celebrate...
little missy has now tipped the scales at a deliciously plump 19.3 lbs
and we are thrilled to see her gain 1 1/2 lbs over the past 2 months
since it poured freezing cold rain today, and our outdoor options were put on the spring burner, what better way to celebrate than with doughnuts?

clearly, we all agreed it was delicious...and green....very very green.
amongst the worst icing colors, green tops the scales with black and dark blue in my book...
but hey, icing stained lips and shirts are worth our weighted celebrations

while most days involve a lot of this...

the boys decided we should draw our plans for each day & i love seeing the ideas they come up with:

on our list for today...wii lightening maqueen game, indoor baseball, angry birds board game, make your own car ramps, playdough and kinex. oh, and these little babies (allowance jars)

"save, give, spend"

clearly, emery needs her own

(we used old salsa & peanut butter jars and spray painted the lids)

and although they aren't nearly as fantastic as my inspiration jars from pinterest...
they fit us quite well:  makeshift and free :)

miss mini thunder thighs is quite the character. while most of the time we are amazed by her easy-going, sweet-sweetieness...

she has sassy tenacity that we both love and find difficult to harness.
thankfully, her speech therapist has excellent suggestions to help us give emery the opportunity to communicate her needs...as opposed to flailing on the ground. :)
for such a cute little thing, she sure knows how to wig out when necessary.
a huge part of her temper tantrums stem from her nearly non-verbal status

although i've learned from emery that large volumes can be communicated without words...
we aren't hearing many new sounds/words as of late. she understands nearly everything we say and is very proficient in the signs she knows so we are headed to the ENT on monday for a hearing test to rule out any additional hearing impairment.
emery suffered moderate hearing impairment due to the fact that she wasn't able to have ear tubes placed at an early age. (children born with cleft lip/cleft palate must have ear tubes because the cleft prevents proper fluid drainage.)

i would really love an answer to her lack of verbal language. even 4 or 5 words would greatly improve her ability to tell us what she needs.
it must be incredibly frustrating to be unable to say what you really feel or think.

in other news, i realized today that i'm exactly one month behind in life.
not only is rowan's tribute still on the chalkboard,

but i realized i totally missed the all important 6 month milestone. so, on saturday, we celebrated 7 months since this incredible, life altering moment...

she looks so small and worried. i tear up to think about how frail she felt in my smiling arms.

i can feel the joy of this moment pulsing through my veins...

the very first moment i held my girl.
my tiny bundle of incredible.
** adoptive china mamas...be sure to check out JiaYinDesigns for a chinese character necklace. i love wearing  emery's chinese name everyday :)
more of our "gotcha day" moments found here


  1. Hey Angie,
    Look at you being that fun mom again. I need to take life not so serious. Emery is a tiny little peanut so glad she is doing so well with yall. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. :)

  2. Love the pics!!

    Have you thought of using some simple sign language?

  3. I love those allowance jars; so cute. I can't believe how much Miss Emery has grown. Nor can I believe that I've been following your blog for six months. Wow, time flies.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Emery has changed so much since coming home! It's amazing to see her growth. Love your story and your blog.

    (And our little girlies have another issue in common besides being tiny, busy, and loving ketchup--not using their words. Speech therapy has helped a little for us, but it is a SLOW process and requires much patience. Hopefully you will get some answers after having her hearing tested?)

  5. I imagine that is frustrating for her! When I worked in a daycare all through college with this age group, we used simple sign language wit the ones who weren't as verbal yet- "more", "thank you", "please"... ones like that. It helped a lot. Of course we didn't have to teach them "No" because I think learning how to express that is innate in us all.. :)

  6. Wow Ang!!!!! Look how much she has blossomed!!!! She has really grown and changed.....what a miracle, look what love can do!!!! Oh, her eyes in your gotcha day pic look so much like the eyes in my Tahlia on gotcha.....they were so confused and scared, but look at them now....they have joyful, peaceful ("your my momma, and I know it") eyes now, while in our arms.....again, such a miracle!!!!!! I love the doughnut pics....made me crave some! Lol!!!!

    Oh, and one more thing....can I just say that you inspire me! I have felt a little "dead" in the "creative, fun with my kiddies" department since bringing home Tahlia. Your pics inspire me to wake up that part of my brain and have fun again.....well....soon...when I get Tahlia feeling' better! Lol ?.love ya!

  7. Ooops, wasn't signed in! Haha...the above comment was from me! Lol



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