regular, plain {beautiful} today

whether they will ever know it or not, God is clearly using the kindness of friends to help breathe life back into my soul.
i have beautiful, tangible examples of God bringing encouragement and healing with sweet voicemails, texts, emails. surprise homemade dinners and friends encouraging me not to bail on play dates :). even when i was in such a funk that i could hardly see anything changing, things are changing in my soul.

in the day to day, God has been using my children to awaken my spirit as well...showing me what i will be missing if i don't choose to be present.

in the moments that seem chaotic and i try to get too much done at one time, i'm powerfully grasping what all the empty nesters are saying.
it goes by so fast.

sometimes i'd love for "it" to go by a bit faster...especially when i would love 5 uninterrupted moments all to my little self.
but what happens, only a few years from now, when it's hours and days and weeks and months that i have to my uninterrupted self?? when the toys crashing and kids spilling and people whining is over...the days like today will be over too. and today was a day i want to etch into my memory.

regular, plain, beautiful today.


  1. you made my heart smile with these pics today. thanks, i needed that.

  2. Praising our Lord and savior for revealing to you His heart and Grace and vision and perspective. Love u, Ang.....praying He continues to renew your heart with fresh vision as you love on your littles and grasp the power of the moments....hard ones and sweet ones. Walking this journey with you, dear friend. Praying with you. Don't ya just love "grace". :)

  3. You always amaze me - even when you admit to being in a funk! You are so blessed with such an incredible family (yep- I'm totally jealous... will you adopt me next???). I love reading your posts & seeing your gorgeous family!! There are days when it is hard to put one foot in front of the other. There are days when I have to lock myself in the bathroom (the only place I can find 30 seconds of peace, though even that is usually interrupted by someone who just figured out how to open doors), and repeat over & over "this too shall pass." And there are days when I shamefully blow my top. It's life. But, as you said, there are also many times that just regular, simple, "boring" life brings such joy if only we can take a moment to notice it! I hope & pray that you are able to see the joy more & the upset less! (I pray that for myself too!) Thanks for being an inspiration for me (even if you don't believe it all the time- you are!).

  4. Thank you so much for your post. I really needed this today. We have a 35min. commute to school for my big minis....which puts me and the smallest, newest, almond shaped eye, mini in the car for an hour and a half every morning....and afternoon.. this has proven to not be the highlight of either of our day. I want it to be over before it begins...but it truly being over would bring too many things to a close...things that I am in NO hurry of "being over". Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  5. Angie, I am convinced that a woman capable of laughing THAT hard is gonna be fine! @ Hive for the Home...I feel your pain. Same situation here! My littlest (just home from China) screams most of the time during the commute but today, she didn't! Keep hoping!

  6. Ok Angie...why do my comments look like all garbled letters....it's Suzanne D. Remember, I'm old. I need help with this stuff :-)

  7. Oh she is just so stinking cute and you are awesome!!! I loved our visit last week and hope to do another one again soon! I'm glad you are getting out of your funk! This beautiful weather should help! Love you!

  8. Love those kind of days. They seem so few and far between right now.

  9. lovely- i'm glad you're getting back on your feet :)



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