squeaky shoes {and the day i got shot}

we spent the better part of today cleaning out closets, the basement and back porch. it's a job that will probably take me the better part of a year. let's just say i got a little over ambitious.
among piles of things destined for a yard sale, the goodwill and the trash truck, we found various missing items.

missing item 1: squeaky shoes...missing since summer 2010
my mom brought these little squeakers home from china one full year before emery came home. even before we had a picture...these squeakers were waiting for emery. finding them today was like a triumph as they fit her perfectly...even though they are a size 2!! her feet are like that of an infant :)

our shoe family:

(ahem...my TOMS are, shall we say, `well loved`... in need of a serious ashley ann makeover)

i video taped like crazy today, capturing her squeaky cuteness all over the house...this one was right after she put them on...

missing item 2: squirt guns...missing since august 2011
attempting to capture the squeaky cuteness, i inadvertently captured something else entirely. the boys came upon 2 items unearthed in our cleanout. the best thing about this video is that it was the best possible moment to be recording. we have since re-watched and roared with laughter at least 7 times.
(my crazy laugh/scream is eerily similar to the day my mom's chickens escaped and i had to fend off an angry rooster.)
i'll just let you watch and find out :)


  1. those squeaker shoes have to be the darn cutest shoes ever!!!!! She looks absolutely adorable in them!
    hehe i would react the exact same way if i were you and i got squirt with icky moldy winter water!

  2. Oh Angie,
    they are so adorable............will have to pick Mia up a pair of those. Hilarious you got soaked!!!! LOL..............Emery has tiny feet like Mia. Mia is only 10.5cm, do you happen to knpw what Emery is?????? I was bringing size 4 but now I am wondering if they are going to be to huge.

  3. Love love live squeaky shoes!!!

  4. Avery has some squeaky shoes, I didn't know they squeaked when I bought them online and thought they would be incredibly annoying...buuuuutttt, they are kind of like a cat collar - I always know where she is in the house...and if I do not hear them, I can bet she is getting into something she shouldn't! Your kids are just straight up adorableness! I don't know how you stand it on a daily basis!

  5. I love hearing you laugh! And the way Miss Emery put her hand on her hand when you got soaked was adorable! Sounds like a fun day! xoxo

  6. well videos are blocked from my work so I don't get to view the live action but I am in love with the shoe pictures! her feet are soooo tiny. And I really don't know why it is so captivating and wonderful to look at images of wittle shoes or feeties, but it always is.

    and cleaning out the closet is rough, I have trouble with it and I can't even imagine doing it for more than one person.

  7. Lucy and Maggie were MESMERIZED by Emery and her squeaky shoes. Maggie kept saying "beee beeee" (baby). Unfortunately anyone who is not an adult is a beeee beee - even if they are significantly older than she. :)

  8. I love the world you live in. :)

  9. The first time I heard squeaky shoes was on a playground in Shanghai. I laughed so hard I was crying.



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