the day elmo hit my son in the head {with a hammer}

we are no strangers to the pound of a hammer.
we've gathered friends on several occasions for smash days and crushed everything in sight. we love to know the inner workings of everyday things and the boys love nothing more than smashing something to smithereens. (my all time favorite was the first smash day - read about it here)

but today...today, i tell a cautionary tale.
leave it to elmo to ruin all of our fun. (sorry world, i'm not an elmo fan)

during my pack-a-thon, i came across our only elmo item. gifted to foster as an infant, elmo got lots of love from both of my boys. i saved it for emery, thinking how cute it would be for her to play with the same toy her brothers did.
when elmo turned up broken out of storage, the boys agreed wholeheartedly that a smash day was in order.

right off the bat, we couldn't find daddy's hammer, and the screws were welded in. 

so we resorted to a shovel.

and tossing it from the top of the play house and whipping it across the yard...

we kicked it and smashed it.

turns out elmo is one tough dude.
who knew there was such a well made toy in all of the world?

we gave up, went in for dinner, and left elmo in a huff of frustration.

determined to prove that no toy can withstand a Weldon smash day, we headed out again after dinner, armed with daddy's hammer and the will of triumph.

no sooner had foster taken one swing, than the hammer backfired off of the elmo's tough-as-nails casing and the claw end of the hammer jumped back, directly into foster's forehead.

after inspecting my child's bleeding forehead wound, considering if he needed stitches or not, i vowed to throw elmo off of the empire state building and make him feel the pain. in the end he met a little friend named "the trash compactor", but not before i gave him one last swift kick. once again, elmo got the last laugh because i was wearing toms and nearly broke my toe. darn you elmo.

in the end, he didn't need stitches, but foster's forehead bore the imprint of a hammer claw for the better part of a week.

mom of the year, over here. mom of the year.
please award me with my trophy now.
it will sit right next to the one i received for loosing all of our shoes in the mud, putting glasses on the wrong kid and smashing an angry rooster with a shovel.


  1. Oh Angie, I can just picture this scene very clearly with your boys. Soo funny. Except for the hammer, of course!!

  2. we still love smash day and my boys are 9 and 13. We've taken apart old computers, alarm clocks, mr. coffees, you name it, so we can see how and why it works. Much better than a textbook explanation. Then they can smash it to smithereens!! Boys are so physical and this fulfills the inner need to know how something works. We also did it with my youngest asthma medication. After we had an empty vial, we cracked it open to see how the med was dispensed individually. I like to think we're growing engineers and inventors!!



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