sweet little eggs

we spend the day outside today. from morning until night, we sat with the neighbors and loved up some gorgeous sunshine. the kids literally ran for 10 hours. it was splendid.
amidst the running, we threw in some egg dying.
a certain someone is quite obsessed with water...

and water with food coloring in cute little cups?
oh boy.
little lady was determined to dump, kick, spill and pour the little cute pre-filled water siphons.
as the morning went on, the water lover went on a rampage...
look out all in her water spilling path.
"motivated" is her middle name.

this cutie pie loved his egg. LOVED his egg. he carried it as if there was actually a baby chick inside.
i love how much the boys have embraced "babies" and taking care of things that are fragile.
they going to be some really awesome daddies someday.

and when the eggs were all gone, we scoured the house for things that were white.
undies were by far the favorite find...

and then we entered the meltdown.
the concept of water she couldn't spill was too much for her extreem liquid love.
sometimes the meltdown has no end, no matter what kind of fun destractions are presented.
there is one known cure..."naptime" :)

 in happier news...these little egg decorators went to bed happy and exhausted. a day filled with friends from start to finish is the best way to spend a splendid spring day.

 happy easter :)

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  1. what a fabulously perfect day!! Happy Easter to all of you!



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