today was one of "those" days

today was one of those days.
the ones that are so incredibly exhausting that you nearly fall asleep in the driveway when you get home.
the ones that leave you with bags of stuff to unload, sticky tupperware, muddy clothes to wash and a car full of even more crumbs (as if it was possible to have more)
the kids collapse and meltdown when you get home, dinner isn't made because you've been gone all day and the house is a wreck because you left in a tizzy in the early morning.

today was one of those days.
the ones that are so wonderful and full of adventure...
you really don't care about all of the mess and the exhaustion and the dinner and the tizzy.
because it was one of those days filled with dear friends and kids gallivanting and babies smiling and pure joy.
today was one of those days.

and now the outtakes :) 

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  1. Fun!!!!!! That's the best kinda exhausted, but....wait....and....WOE!!! Is she sucking from a straw!!!! Wow wow wow!! Amazing, I tell ya...amazing!!! Tonight I heard Tahlia breathe in and out of her nose while sleeping.....wow!!:)))



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