in the weeds {with HF&M, moving and exploding dishes}

we are in the weeds, dear friends. one of those times in life that feels hard. things like blogging and fun projects and normal life take a back seat.

but during this time, the strangest things bring me signs of God's plan.
one of the strangest so far... hand, foot and mouth disease.
sounds gross...because is gross.

we found out yesterday that emery has it. sores all over her mouth and throat. more emerging on hands, feet and bootie. i sobbed in front of the doctor. "it just can't be. this isn't possible. she's been through so much."

i'm devastated for her.
foster said to me, as we were leaving the doctor, "mom, why can't i have it, instead of sister? she's so small. i want to take it away from her."
my thoughts exactly, dear boy

she has sobbed for 2 days and nights. last night, i called in and demanded oxycontin...she still cried through the night in bed with us. HF&M doesn't mess around.

to make matters worse, we are moving in one week, our current house still has tons of packing to be done, i'm behind on 9 etsy orders, all of the laundry is unfolded, the dishes are taking over the world, and our new house is filthy....and i do mean FILTHY. uninhabitable. covered in years of grime and fresh sawdust.

clint has been rehabbing the new house every day for 3 weeks. i feel like a foreclosure widow. he is amazing...truly. he's making such great progress, but to say we are missing him a giant understatement. rowan cries almost every day. missing daddy is taking a tole.

so adding HF&M to our chaos isn't ideal. in fact, it's enough to throw me over the edge.
i had arraigned for friends/family to watch the kids this week so i could clean/paint/pack/unpack, etc...but now we are in quarantine, for fear of passing this yuck around.

and then incredible happened.
a friend called and offered to organize a crew of dear friends to clean our new house. (girls, you amaze me!)
i cried on the phone. it was God stepping in right when i needed Him.
there's nothing quite so wonderful as having friends who stand in the gap.

it's a lesson in knowing i need to let go. allow the opportunity for God to arrive when i can't.
i'm unsure how i will accomplish all that i need to do...
but i am going to focus on this:
"rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

(if you have a moment, please pray that emery will heal quickly and be able to rest tonight. thanks dear friends!)


  1. oh poor baby girl!!!! My brother had it when he was little and it was just awful to watch him in such pain ): Lots of prayers for her and that she'll heal quickly! Also prayers as you guys get ready to move into your new house <3
    God Bless~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  2. Ugh, all four of us had it two weeks ago and it's going around both of our schools. I haven't had such a bad fever in YEARS! Hoping she recovers quickly, nobody else gets it, and you get moved/settled quickly!

  3. I am SO sorry!!! Will be praying for Emery and for you all. Before we even ask sometimes,
    God has already heard and sent our rescue...He is so loving and good! :)

  4. Prayers for you & your family. I'm so thankful God shone down on you in your time of need. And I do hope that Emery feels better soon (which would probably begin with some good rest - specifically praying for that!!!), and no one else catches it! {{{HUGS!!}}}

  5. Oh Angie...I'm so so sorry! Praying for all of you and for healing for your sweet girl. I so missed seeing you today :( Hopefully soon! Love and hugs to you!

  6. I prayed for your sweet baby... And for you.

  7. Oh, man! You have a lot on your plate!!! So glad your friends are helping you out. Praying that your dear Emery shows improvement soon.

  8. oh, poor baby girl!! that stuff is terrible! my best friend's little boy had it a few weeks ago. so thankful that you have friends that help lighten the load for you! wish i was closer, i'd be right there with them. praying for rest. love.

  9. Praying for your sweet one, Angie!!! Praying or fast healing!!! Praying the Lord gives you an amazing amount of strength that can only be found in Him. So so sorry this is happening to you!! Hugs!!!!!!

  10. ~ "Why can't I have it, instead of sister?" ~
    Foster is the dearest little boy for wanting to take on Emery's pain.
    I love that he calls her "sister." So sweet! So glad she's well now!
    Lindy D.



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