instagram, oh instagram {and simple editing tips}

i've become mildly in love with instagram. (my feed)
ok, perhaps largely in love is more accurate.
i find more and more often, as the chaos of packing erodes the fine tune of life,
the big camera stays put, and instagram takes charge of capturing the little moments...
which are, in fact, the best ones.

my brother introduced me to this fancy little maneuver. using a simple frame app called "photo collage" (there are others like "diptic" and "frametastic", etc that do the same thing) you can use the flip function (among other simple tools and grids).

it takes a cute little photo and makes it ridiculous...
photo magic.
(ps. doesn't it look like i have twins???)

using my phone, i can also be present in the presence of the action, without stopping to hide my big camera from the impending splattering of mud.
and this was a photo op i just couldn't miss...

 i'm also a fan of "phonto" which enables you to write on photos...

(sooo excited about the philly color run! might be the only time i smile whilst running)

i've looked into several instagram printing sites. this week, i'm testing out persnickety prints.

their ability to print under pressure will be trial under fire, as i am planning emery's 2nd bday bash set for friday night. i have an awesome photo project swimming around in my brain, and true to form, i've procrastinated. hoping persnickety will come to my rescue.


  1. This is exactly why I need an iPhone, huh? Love your pics!

  2. Try line camera app.... U will love as it does that all on one app:-)

  3. have you tried... http://snapstagr.am/

  4. have you tried... http://snapstagr.am/

  5. any photography tips for the color run?

  6. Stopping by from Loves of Life! So jealous of the Color Run, hoping for a St. Louis date next year!

    Adorable family!



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