netting frogs {& praying for those that wait}

we headed to the pond today. the woods. fresh, breezy air.
i love throwing old clothes on the kids and letting them splash and explore the frogs and pond slime and other splashing assortments.
there is something really special about this place...

the place where my husband grew up, the woods he once tread as a young boy.
in fact, we all lived here for 6 months when we sold our house exactly 2 years ago.
i remember walking around the pond, the boys throwing sticks and rocks and running about...
and i was in a trough of sadness.
sure i smiled. i laughed. we had fun, great days.
but the missing part of my life kept an ever present ache. nearly too painful to let out...because it brought sobs and uncontrollable waves of emotions.

as we walked today, i was in awe of God's timing. the way He knitted our family.

we netted for frogs and fish and water creatures and gathered a giant bucket of pond water for the tad poles we are growing at home (nearly 200 of them. good gracious).
emery is far too fearless. she insists on being right at the water's edge and has no interest in holding my hand...only a frog net.

i couldn't help but smile. my fearless girl has no idea that we are walking the same path i walked while longing for her.

  she screeches with delight to see catfish splashing, throws tiny handfuls of food to the beautiful koi and watches carefully as her brothers hunt for creatures. she follows and copies and topples over, but always gets back up.
she has perseverance for days. she doesn't give up. she is much braver than i.

i have many friends in the waiting right now. the part that takes perseverance and bravery just to continue on each day.
i often look at emery and pray for the daughters who are waiting. the ache in the hearts of so many friends.

i often think of my friend ashley, who is waiting to meet her sweet daughter, Song.
for my friend melissa who is waiting on a referral.
for katie who is awaiting a referral for two children from the congo.
for my sweet friend megan who's been through so many ups and downs and is still waiting.

it's painful. the kind of pain you don't get until you get it. like contractions for the heart. they hurt. they are often unbearable. hard to describe and ever present. but necessary. oh-so-necessary.

join me in praying for these sweet moms...for their children...for the orphanages and the paperwork that is forthcoming,
if you have friends who are adopting, send them flowers. write them a note. mail a fun package. remind them you are standing with them during the ache.


  1. This looks like an amazing place. It makes me smile to see Emery there with her frog net; that girl amazes me. You explained the "ever present ache" well . . . this waiting stuff is HARD. My heart aches every day for our little girl and I cannot wait to have her in my arms!

  2. I love you! Your words describe it all so well. This verse makes me think about just how much more precious its all going to be because of the waiting and longing and aching we've endured...."Hope deferred makes the heart sick , but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."

  3. Just finished catching up a bit on your blog. but thank you for this. for remembering. for caring. for getting it. it feels so good to know that unfortunately there is someone who has been through this...as awful and painful as it is. today the waiting seems unbearably long. so thankful that God's plan is perfect. hugs.



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