sassy frassy {T-minus 2 days}

we woke up today to our girl...

our sassy-frassy, lovely, hide-and-seek, happy-go-lucky, tantrum throwing, wildly adorable girl.
she's back. praise the Lord.

our days of sobbing and mouth sores are behind us.

onward into the packing zone.
the downstairs is slowly being invaded. a small path keeps the flow of traffic moving, but it's walling in.

today, i enlisted the help of 3 happy helpers who slid boxes to the top of the stairs so i could schlep them downward.
they vacuumed and swept and opened boxes.

all in all, i got a lot done, considering there are 3 of them and only one of me.
oh and the dog didn't get much love today. sorry pup. you're last on the list.

we celebrated great attitudes and a day without sibling bickering (say what?) with ice cream sundays and the knowing that we are in it together. somehow. someway.
oh and i smiled today. a lot.
i stopped and hugged them. we laughed and made up jokes.
i figured if you can't beat em, join em.
and the whole day is better.

last night, we put the kids to bed at my parents and i finally got some time at the new house to paint. with the help of my brother and sister (in love) we got nearly all of the paint thrown on the trim and the hardwood floors painted in the boys room. there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. schlepping paint on before carpet and wall paint is my new favorite thing. slap that paint on without a worry in the world.
after all, the floors look like this...

a few white paint drops might do them some good :)

and we worked on this baby...a new wall my hubby built. before the new wall...it was caving in. i was afraid to walk beside it. enter mr. incredible. geeze i love that wall building master of a man.

T-minus 2 days until i never EVER move again.
or at least until the next time we move :)


  1. so glad she's better! sounds like a much brighter, better day! :)

  2. So glad she's back! And, I love that she has a whole box of princess dresses and shoes. That a girl.

  3. i had no idea about the HF&M...holy crap. but i'm praying blessings of joy now and lots of peace and rest and organisation and quality family time. i love you guys so much and miss you more. and the first 2 pics of you and em, ang...my heart melts.

  4. So Glad little Miss is feeling so better. Like you didn't have enough going on. LOL Can't wait to see the Casa. How exciting!!!!!!! Yall are moving pros. :)

  5. sweet sweet girl, glad she's feeling better. i caught hf&m from a kid i took pictures of.....no. fun. at. all.

  6. It gives me so much joy to rejoice with you over Emery (she's so gorgeous!) and the rest of your beautiful family- God is good!



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