the solution to chaos.

apparently, the solution is "wake up one morning and decide you want a dog."
yes, folks, i may need to have my brain analyzed for loose screws, but i decided it was time to add a dog.
i've always wanted my kids to grow up with a pup, and what better time to take the puppy plunge than two weeks before moving, followed by a week in the outer banks?? (did i mention free week at the beach?? with my gal-pal laurel?? eek!!!)

(photo by my brother, stephen)

(photo by my sweet sister in law, lauren)

can you blame me? she's crazy cute :) and the kids are having so much fun with her, i'm wondering why i didn't do this years ago?

mothers day was awesome. not only did the hubby sweetly give me an antique shop item i've been salivating over for weeks (pics to come...i smile just thinking about it), but we had one of those days. the ones that you don't want to end because it's relaxing and sweet and filled with family. we threw the frizbee and laughed at the kids antics and marveled at emery's beauty.

.but i must add, i loved ashley's post. it is so heartfelt and true. if you haven't already, take a moment. i have a feeling most of us can relate.

guest posting today over at Loves of Life. if you have a moment, let me know what you think :)


  1. Hi. I read your guest post at Loves of Life and think you are an amazing writer.

    I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Hi Angie! I am also a new follower from loves of life. I loved your guest post. So honest.

    Crazy that you are headed to the outer banks. That is where I live! Let me know if you have any questions about anything! Just email me at jackieecu@gmail.com if you do. Hope y'all have a great vacation!

  3. I found you via your guest post on Katie's blog and just had to come by and say hello! I have an Emery Grace... spelled the same way! She just turned 2 last Saturday (on the 12th)!

  4. Love the doggie idea, we like to toss it around here from time to time, but then someone in my neighborhood will say, WOW, 4 kids, a cat and now a dog, you are crazy! I don't think it is crazy, i think it is we JUST LOVE BIGGER! Anyhow, happy doggie getting! Where are you all? I think you are near Philly....i saw a shirt on your son that made me think that....we lived there! Would love to get together someday.
    take care, And HAPPY MAMA DAY, late ;-)



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