running water & mr. adventure

this boy would spend all day doing this...

from morning until late in the evening, he will run and jump and splash and laugh and doing it all again.
he varrys his beach day by building giant ball tunnel projects with daddy...
they are boys of project. they love a good challenge and anything involving working together.

and they both love giant waves.

we raced on the beach together...our favorite thing. camera in hand, he laughed when waves caught me by surprise and asked me if we can keep running. and running and running.

oh how i adore him.
he's growing up in an instant. tall and brave and smart.
and yet, he runs to me when he gets hurt and sinks deep into my arms when he is dissapointed.
he knows many things, but most of all, he knows he is loved deeply by his creator and it shows as he loves his friends and siblings deeply.
oh how i adore him.


  1. Sooo precious!! Your pictures are making me so excited for a trip to obx that we are taking in a few weeks!! xoxo!

  2. Beautiful photos, Ang!!! Which beach do you go to? Wouldn't it be great to meet up at the beach one day! We do lots of day trips
    !! Looks so fun! I bet the water was freezing!!!!! Lol

  3. Hi Angie,

    Love the pics. What camera do you use? I am ready to feel settled. Keeping our house show ready is CRAZY with 4 kiddos. Mia is turning into quite the little Ham. She is getting louder by the day. LOL She walks around screaming with her hands up in the air. :) So Hillarious!!!!!! Glad yall had fun at the beach. We leave at the end of the month to head to the River in New Braunfels. We are excited to get away. It is so crazy because I have had so much to blog about. :) I may have to bring it back. LOL Some of the fireman my husband works with said they miss seeing what was going on with the family. I told you I was Bi Poloar with the blog. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous location (and kiddo)!

  5. I love all of these pictures - they are beautiful!! Great job : )



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