she's mine {i still can't believe it}

i spent the evening following this lady around...trying desperately to capture an ounce of her spunk. her savvyness. her clever antics. her silly sweetness. if only it was possible. she is so breathtaking it's hard to even describe her.

she gets cuter and sweeter with each passing moment that i spend with her.

she's growing and learning so fast. sometimes i try and trick her by asking her something new and silly...she always surprises my with her reactions and responses. this girl is a quick study.

tonight at bedtime, i was sitting beside her crib (at eye level with her) and i was singing our usual bedtime song. her big eyes gaze at me...she soaks in every word. so i sing to her about how much she is loved. how beautiful she was created. how thankful i am that she's ours. how much we adore her. and we hold hands. i kiss her toes when she sticks them through the crib rungs. she giggles with delight.

tonight, the foot kisses made her laugh more than usual. so much so that she did one of those full out roaring body laughs...the kind that throw your head back and take your breath away. her laugh made me laugh, which made her laugh all the more.

her laugh is one of my very favorite things. when she came home, she didn't know how to laugh. we would tickle her and she would smile a bit, but no laugh. after a few weeks, she would giggle, but it was silent. and then, one day, it came out...full and deep and loud and giggly...it's the best thing i've ever heard.

she laughed a lot tonight. in her crazy pj's with her great-grandma's pearls dangling around her neck.

she is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.
i still can't believe she's mine.


  1. She absolutely is incredibly gorgeous, and it is so utterly amazing to know how far she has come since she came home. Adoption is such an incredible way to experience motherhood, isn't it? I'm so happy to read another wonderful story!

  2. She's so cute in her pearls! Somehow they go perfect with that outfit ;)

  3. HI Angie,
    She is just beautiful!!!!!! Her hair is getting so long. Mia's is in a Spike do right now, but I did stick a barrett in it today. LOL I feel the same way about Mia. I look at her and can't beleive I am her mommy. I feel so blessed by the Lord. I hope yall are doing well and that you have a Happy Fourth of July. :)

  4. Beautiful daughter, photos, and post! So glad you were all blessed to have each other!

  5. She is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!! I have loved watching her blossom over the last year!!

  6. I always and forever look forward to new posts from you, Angie! She is a beautiful soul. We should do a playdate this summer :) And actually hang out in real life!



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