little miss bargain {and my love/hate puppy}

i've been making the barn & estate sale rounds recently.
attempting to furnish our new house on a budget has been so much fun!
although i haven't found all of the pieces to replace what we have sold (we craigslisted most of our furniture because it didn't fit in our new downsized house), i have found some really cool stuff :)
emery is obsessed with purses. we found these for $1. she carries one EVERYWHERE. it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
she also fancies jewlery and we scored a stash of vintage-ish pieces for $5.
little girls rock.

this is by far my favorite piece. i'm still not sure if i will refinish it or leave it rustic...but it's so fancy and functional. it looks adorable in her room.

and this little computer table is also a favorite. it adds a secure place to hide my computer and camera from a certain electronics loving puppy.

said puppy has been having more good days lately.
i love her 4 out of 7 days a week.
i'll be honest and say i may have made a mistake adding a puppy to our mix while the kids are so young.
i had no idea that puppies are a lot harder to train than children...and though she's cute, i have no patience for her giant paws when i'm holding little people. or when i'm making dinner. or when she literally eats 3 turkey sandwiches right off the counter when i turn around to settle a nearby little boy ruckus. and i certainly don't have any room in my already squished brain for her escape tactics which include jumping over and digging under a 4 foot fence.
yes, maggie isn't on my good list lately.

but the kids?
well, they love her. all day long.

even when she acts crazy and eats their toys and socks.
even when i yell at her for eating an entire plate of french fries.
they still love her.

and maggie is clearly smitten with this one...

she rarely messes with emery. it's as if she knows emery's stature demands a comfort zone of safety.

oh maggie. i want to fast forward you out of puppy-ville.


  1. Man, puppy days are so rough....but the benefits of having children and doggy grow up together ends up out weighing all the hard months of training. You will never have to second guess her temperament or reactions to your children because of their history together. Believe me....the relationship and bonding they share....well, it'll be worth all the chewed shoes and puppy madness! I promise! :). Hey, can I come Resaling with u sometime?? How fun would that be???:)

  2. LOL...........I thought you were one brave mama for getting a puppy and moving. Love Love the vanity and mirror in emery's room. I would leave it but painting it would be fun too. :) Mia has my grandmothers antique vanity and it is painted white and sandpapered off some of the paint. I hope you are getting settled.

  3. Puppy-ville is oh, so stinky. Hang in there. We just put down our lab-mix named Maggie. Super sweet dog, and great for the kids...but also a lot of work. She's a cute puppy!!

  4. I wanted a puppy...we got a kitten. Not a single accident ever. EVER. Day 1 I pointed to the litter box. She's gone ever since. I had no idea cats were so easy and low maintenance. We took her on a 6 hour car ride...she did better than I did. But then again, don't add a kitten right now. Maggie might go nuts and then you just add to the crazy. I'm becoming a cat person - who knew?!

    Maggie is pretty cute and one day she won't be a puppy...then you'll have man's best friend :)



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