a day of awesome firsts {and my sad misspelled signage}

my oldest son walked into school today for the first time. he was all smiles as if he does this all the time.

{yes. i spelled "kindergarten" wrong. a friend texted me a moment ago, making me aware of my horribly misspelled signage. the secret is out. i can't spell worth a darn. unfortunately, chalkboards don't include a spell checker feature. now i will forever be reminded why i'm glad that i'm not the one teaching my child to spell!! maybe i can find someone who can photoshop it?? yikes!}

as he walked into school, i didn't cry. in fact, i surprised myself by sharing his excitement. for a year i have worried and fretted over what school to send him. public or private or homeschool or co-op or charter or online cyber. at the last moment, i decided to go public and trust his little life to God's protection. after all, that's what i should be doing regardless. and you know what? we went to the meet-and-greet last week and found out his teacher goes to our church. she is artistic and witty and structured. she has a magnetic smile and and has traveled the world and understands things about life that i want my child to know. she loves Jesus, and she's my son's teacher. all this time i was worried and God had this plan worked out the whole time.
it was a happy morning of firsts.

across the globe, a friend was having a day of firsts as well. i could hardly sleep last night, knowing ashley was in china meeting her sweet baby girl for the first time. if you haven't already, stop what you are doing and read her post from this morning. her daughter is so beautiful i can't stop gazing at her!! and her gotcha moment? oh my. breathtaking. her daughter's smile makes me long to kiss emery's sweet cleft. oh how i love fantastically wide smiles!! seriously. you need to see her girl. she's so adorable i want to squeeze my computer :)

oh and i just have to include this shot...it makes me smile because it shows what was really happening while i was snapping foster's first day pics :)

real life is always more interesting :)


  1. Love that photo of all the kids...and I wouldn't have picked up on the misspelling if you hadn't pointed it out. Oops.

  2. Spelling is not my strong point either, I didn't even notice the mistake.
    Exciting new season starting in your house. Enjoy it!

  3. Very fun! His teacher sounds wonderful...and what a relief for you too. I sent my girlie to K this year...private school for now...we'll see, year to year.

  4. So awesome that he has God-fearing teacher! And oh my...I just found Ashley's blog this morning from No Hands but Ours. I cried reading and seeing her Gotcha Day! So Beautiful!

  5. Congrats. How cute. Don't worry about the spelling. Who made that word spelled like that anyway. It should be "garden". Sheesh!
    I read Ashley's blog last night in real time (I'm in China) and was just in awe. What a great moment. And that baby is so gorgeous.

  6. Fantastic! I've been glued to my computer screen, too, waiting for news on the newest Campbell. So happy for them!

  7. LOVE the sign - it's real. And, so glad the day went so well! (the last picture is the best) off to visit Ashley's blog now!

  8. Loved catching up on your sweet family! How special and wonderful when God works out details! Happy day, indeed! Another friend of mine posted about Ashley's blog yesterday so I read it as well. So amazing!



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