floroscopy & friendship

clearly i constantly underestimate this girl.
i anticipated a rough day.
after all, drinking 8oz of barium and having 30 xrays is't exactly a recipe for a calm, down to earth day.

apparently, emery has been reading the blog because she graciously handed me a day without tears. without tantrums. a day with peaceful happiness. a day that felt easy again.
it just so happened to arrive on a day involving a floroscopy, but hey, i'll take it.

{a floroscopy is a series of xrays taken after drinking a chemical called 'barium' which glows as it moves through the stomach, organs, small and large intestines. it is used to determine or rule out and issues that might be causing emery's lack of weight gain.}

my girl willingly (dare i say happily?) drank a cup of baium. on an empty stomach. in a room full of other (crying) kids trying to drink barium.

it was nearly laughable to see her compliantly sipping with the other parents watching in awe.
i gotta say, she was a floroscopy rock star.

so far, the results are coming back normal. except for an exceptionally cute and small stomach. no surprise there :)

praising God for my calm and cooperative little gal.

we came home, and she was still so happy and cheerful, we invited friends over.
not just any friends, but emery's sweet friend isabelle...who is one month older than emery, and was also donning a coordinating green swimsuit. killing me with cuteness.

{this whole series of photos of the two of them cracks me up. i have no idea why, but when we asked them to stand next to each other, they immediatly went into crazy pose mode. it was downright hilarious.}

that last shot? emery leaned in for a hug...isabelle wasn't quite sure she was in the mood :)

when these two are together, i can't help but smile all over.
i treasure this family so deeply.
someday emery and isabelle will understand why their friendship is so very special. someday they will have a bond that will be unique from other friendships. someday.

right now?
they hilariously agitate each other. poke and screech and get all huffy. their reactions mirror each other so much so it's laughable when they get upset.

and then they have a moment...when they recognise each other. when they point to their little lip scars and notice their friend has the same scar. when they share a toy or a cheeze-it.
a little friendship is budding. a big deal around here.

and the real kicker?
when our friends headed home, i noticed a little present isabelle's older sister left for us on our giant chalkboard...

got me all misty :)

floroscopys' and friendship don't usually mix...but somehow today, they went hand in hand. 


  1. I'm so glad you had a good day! I have recently found your blog and find you and your story so inspiring. May God continue to bless you and your family and give you wisdom and patients.

  2. Oh my word! The coordinating green swimsuits and their adorable poses are cracking me up! It also shows just how itty bitty Emery is. She has the beautiful porcelian skin too, I noticed. My Brielle has coloring more like Isabelle. I'm so glad she tolerated her test well and enjoyed the rest of the day with her "best bud." :)

  3. Oh this is too precious! Emery and Isabelle are hilarious together. So thankful you were blessed with a surprisingly good day!!!

  4. Emery is most definitely a rock star! This summer I've had to drink way more than my share of barium and I'm practically in tears forcing myself to drink it! Love this pictures of the two girls! Absolutely adorable!

  5. Long time lurker, first time commenter - those pictures are hysterical! I love their special bond... and am so glad it was a good day :)

  6. What a surprise blessing...the best kind. :) Hope you get the answers you need for tiny Miss E.



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