the epic moment {they will always remember}

school started monday.
and we have several major summer moments yet unconquered.

day trip to the beach? probably won't happen.
philly please touch museum? too expensive, and, well, i don't have the energy.
go camping? daddy can handle that one.
catch a fish?  why yes, that's one i can manage. though i'm not really a fan of fishing, anything that only requires worms is pretty much as easy as it gets.

i prepped the fishermen that today was about learning to fish. learning to be patient. and if we didn't catch anything, we would try again tomorrow.
and we didn't catch anything.

 after an hour, the littlest fisherwoman was starting to get irritated from all the standing around.
the bigger fishermen were hungry, and slightly disappointed that we hadn't even seen a fish, let alone caught one.
so, we each hooked one last worm and sent the bobbers flying one last time.

it was like a storybook tale...as soon as we cast our last lines, within moments, rowan hooked a feisty blue gill!

excited doesn't even begin to express how they felt about our catch.

it's a day that will go down in our family history as one of our most epic days.
the day they caught their first fish.

oh and they insisted on touching his eyeball. apparently, little boys think touching fish eyeballs is really awesome. :)


  1. Sitting here laughing as our Samuel always must touch the eyeballs of caught fish, always. So good to hear that it certainly must be a boy thing!!

  2. oh my!! I would have been jumping up and down so much that I would have missed the KODAK moment! Way to catch that precious smile on your adorable son!!! What a moment, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What? You DON'T think fish eyeballs are totally awesome?

  4. How Fun!!!!! And to be there for the first catch. AWESOME!!!!!!



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