the simple things {food coloring + water}

there are some days that we go bonkers.
we want something new, but make do with the old.
so there are days i pull out the simple things...water is almost always involved.
today i handed them a box of food coloring and sent them outside while sister was napping.
they played for 2 hours.

somewhere in there i added a can of shaving cream.
that always adds large amounts of fun, for some reason. that foamy fluff is like gold around here.
lost in a land of green slime, they imagined it was a pool of toots (surprise, surprise, boys talking about bodily functions) and giggled endlessly as they sloshed and splashed.
the 'after' shaving cream photos didn't happen, but they were epic. outdoor-hose-down cleanup was required.

this was the point when i got hosed and realized it was time to put the camera down and join the fun :)

when in doubt, go simple.
(and dye your hands and feet green :)


  1. LOL. So fun and simple. My boys would love it and yes they too would be talking bodily functions. :)

  2. and when one do this simple and very joyful activity they think you are the coolest mom on the earth!!! xx



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