the sweetness {big brother & his sister}

this is one of my favorite series of photos.
not because the compositions are perfect (which they aren't)
or because the background is picturesque (eek, there are trash cans in sight)
but because it's so normal.
normal and beautiful and sweet-heart-melting.

this is our usual.
big brother tending to his sister. carrying her, helping her, taking off her shoes.
putting her in her high chair and making sure she is buckled in.
serving her lunch before anyone else.
reading her books and picking up her toys.
it's the kind of sweetness that i often see from across the room, but don't get to capture.
their friendship is oh-so special, and he cares for her in a way that can only be described as a pure and humble servant.
he is shining the love of Christ with every move.
it's a treasure to my soul.



  1. What a sweet story you've captured. It makes me think of you and your brother - at least the way you talk about your friendship with him. This are priceless pictures Angie!

  2. What a sweet boy you have, Angie! I, too, love the sweet story you captured. Emery is blessed to have a big brother who cares for her so lovingly.

  3. She looks even teeny-tinier next to her big brother! Oh so sweet!

  4. This is so precious. What an amazing big brother! He's going to be a wonderful husband and daddy someday :)

  5. those made my heart super happy.

  6. that photo, where they walk in through the door, with his hand on her back?

    be still my heart xx



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