water wall {small backyard play solution}

a few years back, we made a pvc pipe building set. one of the cheapest and most fun projects, but also one of the more annoying to store when not in use. 

{you can find lots of other pvc ideas on pinterest} 

this past weekend, clint brought the bin of pvc pipes out and headed outside. before i knew it, he had them strung up in the backyard, with the kids squealing with anticipation. one of the many benefits of being married to a carpenter is that he randomly makes something new, just because.
because he's awesome.

i'll be honest and say i thought they looked really tacky and gave him some grief over not letting me spray paint them before they were attached. after all, a little spray paint works magic in any situation :)
our backyard is small and the pipes stick out like, well, like pipes.
but i quickly got over my paint issue when i saw how much fun they are.

the photos don't do them justice at all. they are so super, i find myself joining the kids every afternoon, becoming fully drenched in fountain awesomeness.

needless to say, water makes us really, really happy :)


  1. Your hubby is awesome! :) My hubby- while exceptional smart and a whiz with numbers- is not so handy with tools! haha!

  2. Such a super fun idea!!

    Okay, the comment you left on my blog had me all misty :). Thank you for your encouragement!! Praying home our "creatively lipped" daughter. And, praying for your little Miss Emery, princess of barium. Wow. She was a trooper, thankful that God gave you those moments of peace and cooperation!

  3. You guys are so fun and clever! Your children are very lucky.

  4. You guys are so fun and clever! Your children are very lucky.

  5. How much fun that is!! I want to be married to a carpenter

  6. Totally awesome! 3/4 of my kids would love it...Shu would think our backyard had turned into hell. But maybe next summer...

  7. That looks like so much fun! Can we come over and play? :)

  8. Hahah! Genius idea! The two pictures of Ro getting blasted in the face are awesome...you and your babes have so much fun!

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