scantily clad lady {who i adore}

there is something so endearing about this sassy lady.
though she's short on clothes, she's full of vintage style and demure years of well worn fabrics.
i found her years ago at a yard sale, and then she landed in storage when we sold our house 2 years ago.
i unearthed her this weekend while cleaning out our many items still in storage. i'm prepping for a giant barn sale to rid ourselves of said storage...but she is one of the items i just can't quite part with.
poor gal. she seriously needs a few limbs and a place to live.
but i can't do it.
i can't let her go.
so my scantily clad lady and i are sticking together.

anyone out there have one of these? any creative suggestions of ways to use her in order to convince my husband she shouldn't be a sad patron of the barn sale?

1 comment:

  1. I have a similar one and she resides in my craftroom. I recently downsized to a much smaller space to give our daughter a larger bedroom but I still made room and squeezed her into a corner, right now she has fabric from projects I am working on draped over her. I got rid of a lot of crafting stuff but she will always get to stay! I would like to start doing some craft shows this fall to hopefully start raising funds to start our second adoption and I am thinking I can use her as a prop in my booth when I do that :)



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