they have a friendship that is unlike all others.
they see each other through life in the best and worst and whiniest days.
they learn everything about life, side by side.
and they will effect each other's lives for the rest of life.
these two have something so special, it can't be explained.
clearly, they are two of a kind.


  1. Beautifully written, perfectly stated, & oh-so-true!!! I am 7-12 years older than my siblings. I did not get along with them at all growing up (too big an age difference). But how happy I am to have them now that we're adults! We love to be together when we can. & I really don't know if I would have survived my mom's passing without them by my side! Siblings are a wonderful blessing (once one can see past the annoying!).

  2. Too Cute!!!!! My middle son Austin and Mia have a special bond too. :)Such sweet pics. Love that she is rockin the bangs.

  3. Beautiful. I love their little faces!

  4. Oh, that sibling bond is almost too sweet to handle! I love how you capture it in your pics, such a beautiful dynamic...you are so blessed!!!xoxox

  5. Just wondering where you are and praying everything is ok. :) Miss your posts!

  6. How special. I don't know what I would do without my Siblings. It's a relationship like none other and it's SOOO nice to have someone who knows you so well and HAS to deal with you on your best... or your worst days. :) Loving that they have shared this bond that will be fruitful for as long as they live.



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