the oldest dress i own {and equally as ancient teacups}

i found a few items hidden away today.

i couldn't help pulling this one out...

we had a the worst wedding photos of all time.
posed. uncreative. stiff and boring. i disliked them so much that i never had any printed outside of our proofs. looking back, i'd love to have a few...but being that they were shot on 35mm, (yes, 35mm, it was that long ago), i have no access to them. i'm sure the photographer has undoubtedly long since thrown them away.
oh how i wish to go back in time and at least have a few pinterest-ish shots of our special day together.

it's old and getting yellow...but the way i felt with it swirling around me...with a sparkling new wedding band and a sparkling new husband...it's a day i'll always cherish...even if we don't have beautiful photos to remember it by.
(since i never had it "preserved", i'm going to try vacuum sealing in one of these...has anyone done this to a wedding dress before?)

i also found these in my favorite vintage shop.

i have a strange obsession with these little tin tea cups. these are from the 1930's and while the pattern isn't my favorite, for some reason, anything on a tin cup looks lovely.

emery has a set already, so these will soon be gifted to a friend's baby girl. tiny teacups might be my favorite all time little girl gift.

and then there are these...
per usual, i ran out of time last month and never peeked on my camera to see if there were any gems amidst the daily snapshots. 

these capture her so well and make me smile when i see her scrunched up nose, clearly upset about something :)

i also found documentation of a blossoming friendship and caught the tale end of a moment with these two standing together. arms around, content to be together. just standing still. highly unusual.
they are learning to treat each other sweeter and irritate each other less. big news around here.

and then there is this one. big brother washing mud off of her shoes.

good heavens. 
the cuteness.


  1. do you still fit your dress? I think you should put it back on and do a trash the dress session! :)

  2. Why don't you find a friend that takes pics (Ashley Ann Photography? or someone closer?) and do another wedding pic session? You are tiny so I'm sure you can make the dress fit. Just have fun with it. One blogger I followed did it and it was beautiful... But I just can't remember who it was!!! Hmm... It's on the tip of my tongue.

  3. No doubt you still fit in that gem - take new pics, lady! Our pics are just okay - I see pics of weddings now and wish we had better ones. But, I, alas, cannot fit into my dress. But, I did two years ago...so there's hope. Just started a workout class this week!

  4. girl, I have the same wedding picture issue. It makes me crazy. I so want to do a trash the dress shoot too!



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