daughters who are stubborn and headstrong {give thanks}

i found this print on the LWB website, and i love it so much. it's such a true statement of my daughter and so many other sweeties like her. God is using these girls to create great and powerful change in the world. it is a treasure to walk alongside of such courage and perseverance.

every photo i take of emery reminds me of that moment. that smile. her mood and her ability to brighten up a room. she is silly and funny and very headstrong. she has specific ideas about life, but is also moldable and teachable. i am constantly in awe of her loving and kind instincts to nurture and care for the people around her. she watches and notices everything.
looking back over her first weeks with us, i can see glimpses of who she was becoming...the girl she was created to be. the big personality that was waiting to emerge from such a little body.
this collage might drive you crazy (because it's not in order :) but i love it because she is the same little girl, even if her appearance (and crazy hair) change. God created her in a most spectacular way.


  1. Sniffle, sniffle ... So sweet! Love the photos of your beautiful princess, including ghe crazy hair - 6 days until we leave for China, and I am oh so looking forward to the days of crazy hair with miss Nora (as compared to the freshly shaven look)!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Angie...........That is some serious cuteness. :) Such a beautiful girl. Mia is very strong in personality too but I often think about her failure to thrive and she needed that spunk to keep going in the orphanage. I have to think about that when she is screaming at me and giving me her look. LOL Blessings to you friend, and Happy Weekend.

  3. I love. love. LOVE the collage. Great memories, beautiful pictures.

  4. She is so cute when she wrinkles up her nose! Sweet!



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