my asian-american family {it's beautiful}

i'm always interested to know what people of emery's culture and ethnicity think about her and our family.
i'm fascinated, actually, by the uniqueness that is our ethnically blended family.

i've read a lot recently about the difficulty of raising a blended family, and there is a lot of negative out there. i'm not going to pretend there aren't challenges...i know there are...but i am going to choose focus on the positives. 

i love that our family is asian/american. i'm so proud of my daughter's heritage and i love knowing our family photos and genetics will always have her jet black hair and eyes. her perfect skin tone and her delicate figure.

but when it comes right down to it, i will be honest and say i am desperately seeking acceptance from the asian community...not just for our family, but for emery.  

i think about it often when we are at church or target or walking down the street. when i see someone of asian descent, it makes me smile all over...because we share something special. and i want the feeling to be mutual.

one of my favorite moments happened recently at ikea. 
a lovely asian lady came up to us and said how cute emery was.
"she looks just like my daughter!" she said with a sweet smile.
emery waved and gave her usual "hi-ya!" greeting, much to the kind lady's delight. 

it was a beautiful moment in light of my sensitivity to how emery is perceived. that lady could have just walked on by, but she chose to associate us with her and her family. i wanted to tackle her with a giant, tear-filled hug. but i didn't. i'm sure she appreciated my self control :)

i can't help but beam with joy when others see the delight that is emery.


  1. Hi Angie, I have been following your blog for the longest time. Yes, I 'stalk' your lovely family. Hahaha.. I am frm Singapore and I am a Chinese. I must say you guys totally inspire me! Going through adoption and adopted a child from a different different part of the world and esp a special needs child! Wow!! I take my hat off you guys! It's a difficult but you guys have done very well so far, imo. When I tell my friends abt my little dream of adopting a child. They look at me like I am speaking Greek... You have wonderful support in your community and on the web ( all the way frm S'pore). You are doing great!!! Don't let the thought of 'what would the Asians think' bother you because there will be people who frown (I call them the old fashioned guys) and there will be people who will totally root for you! Your family is beautiful, no doubt abt it!

  2. I have been reading you blog for a long time now. Honestly, I cannot even remember how I found it but I just love it. I remember reading about Emery's "Got ya" day and just crying! It reminds me of my 5 adopted cousins. 4 from Korea and one from India.

    If you were to wonder how an adopted child grows up and some of the things to look forward too you can check out his blog!


    I wish you and your family nothing but the best, I am so excited for your family on this journey. I hope one day I can say my husband and I can share our story with others too...

  3. Hi Angie! I am fairly new to reading your blog and must let you know how much of an inspiration you and your family are! I am a 3rd generation Japanese American and absolutely love the idea of blended families. It's important to keep in mind that the Asian culture is one that doesn't emphasize much on displaying your emotions, especially in public. Please don't get discouraged if you walk by someone of Asian descent and they don't smile at you or look away. Not sure in other cultures, but in Japanese culture it is considered rude to look at strangers straight in the eyes. For myself (who was born and raised in California) I always smile at strangers and say "hi" in hopes to brighten their day, but those that aren't so "Americanized" don't share the same quality. You have a beautiful daughter who is right where she belongs! Thanks for sharing your story.


  4. I feel the same way! I love learning about her culture, had an amazing experience in country, and feel drawn to other Asians I see in public. :) Last spring, a few weeks before we traveled, I had on my "mama" shirt in Chinese. An Asian woman walked up to me at the zoo and told me she loved my shirt! It just made my day! I showed her Brielle's picture and was so thankful she spoke to me that day. One funny thing since you mentioned Emery's hair... my dad has a lot of Native American blood and I have always LOVED his coal black hair. I had hoped that one day I would have a daughter with black hair. 2 bios- no luck. Adopt a beautiful Asian baby...she has brown hair! haha!!

  5. You speak my heart. It warms my heart when Tahlia receives sweet interactions from other Asians. :). I bet she would have loved a hug!;)

  6. Hi Angie - So glad to have stumbled on your page via IG! Your family is beautiful and I loved reading how God brought your daughter into your lives. I am always amazed at how God orchestrates every loving detail! -From Rachel, an Asian-American mom who loves the story God is telling through your family :)



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