my mom genes {emery's medical recap}

we were making breakfast on day 1 of a 2 day fast leading up to emery's endoscopy and colonoscopy. the boys were begging for waffles (their morning favorite) and emery was doing her usual morning bop around. asking for her bottle, following me around the kitchen, helping unload the dishes, chatting about this and that. 

how on earth do you make a 2 year old fast for TWO days?? gatorade, clear juice, jello and soup broth. for TWO days. and her beloved bottle? the one packed with extra calories and supplements, 250 calories a pop....wasn't on the list.

fasting is a nearly impossible task for any two year old...but when you add in emery's extreme reaction to hunger and her very specific food preferences (which don't include jello and soup broth), it's more like torture.

we have worked so hard over the past year to help her enjoy eating. to finish her plate. to try new food and eat at every meal. after all this progress, how i am supposed to deny her food? doctors may know best sometimes, but i don't see a doctor here helping me torture my child.

when it came right down to it, there wasn't really even a question.

i gave her waffles, heavy on butter and syrup that morning. with a tall glass of oj.
she never even knew fasting was on the menu that day, and i'm glad to keep it that way.

it was time to swoop in and whisk her away, no matter what the doctor orders.

i've decided that my girl needs a break.
a few months to be a kid.
we are done with all of the "lets rule everything out" procedures.

it's the kind of choice that finally felt right...all the way down to my mom genes.

i called that day and canceled the endoscopy and colonoscopy.

i've decided, when in doubt, my mom genes are usually right.

and that's the end of the medical recap. nothing has really changed with her weight, but she's happy and learning and growing in many other ways. we will continue to be followed by emery's nutritionist and GI doctor, but the scale on which i measure her doesn't include lbs. right now.

shakira says her hips don't lie...but i'm convinced that the scale does :)


  1. one.smart.momma!!!! Love you girl!!!!

  2. I don't know if our story will help..but just in case...her it is: Liliah was 15 lbs at 17 months when we received her in China. She had not crawled, could pull herself up to stand w/nearby by bed. Very low muscle tone and when you lied her down to change her diaper, she couldn't pull herself back up into a sitting position. She was bright though I could tell, just more like a baby then a burgeoning toddler. She didn't have any food issues even though she was a cleft baby. My mommy genes told me when we got home to just let her settle in before going to the doctors. When I did take her for her first visit, the only chart she made was for her head circumf. which put her in the 3% range!! I could tell that the pediatrician was a little bit concerned because of her muscle tone, etc and wanted to rule out things. They did a blood draw and we had her meet with a team to evaluate her in a skills assessment (gross motor, fine motor skills, problem solving, speech (which was way off). She was just behind in those areas and it was going to take time. She is now 5 years old and has been home just shy of 4 years. She is ONLY 30 lbs with all of her clothes on! She has just now graduated to 3T size clothing. She is excelling and happy, just a tiny wonder - that's all. Good for you on following your mommy genes, you and she will do well by that!

  3. You go mama!!!!!!!!!!! She is just to cute for words.

  4. I think this might be one of my favorite posts i've ever read. I love it when moms go with their gut... and sometimes that means waffles, heavy on the syrup! thanks for encouraging me to follow my gut...



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