old window makover {chalkboard calendar}

i've been all about quick projects as of late.
actually, i've been quite good at starting projects and not finishing them.

exhibit a:
my bedroom dresser. antique shop score for $30. a month ago i chalk painted it grey. (someday i'll write a about homemade furniture chalk paint, my new favorite obsession).

it looks awesome... but i haven't taken the time to wax it or put the repainted hardware back on.
so here it sits.
in my dining room.
when will it finally make its appearance in our bedroom? no idea.

i have at least 7 more similar mid-stage furniture pieces.
someday they will be finished.

but today, i found a little something that went from project zone to finished in under 2 hours. now that's a project i can get on board with.

my small white board calendar and i have been at odds with each other for quite some time.
i think she's irritatingly too small, and she thinks i can't color in the lines.
we are both right, i fear.

years ago, when my husband was a full-time carpenter, he saved me piles of beautiful old windows every time he rehabbed an old home. i have a slight obsession with them. although i have lots of ideas, i haven't gotten my act together enough to use any of them. so they sit in storage. 30 very sad, unused, adorable windows.

when my irritatingly small and sloppy white board calender and i had our worst month ever, i decided those huge windows would be my solution.

quickly scrub, let dry, lightly sand.
2x coats chalk paint, lightly sand again.

(ps. using a sponge brush is the ONLY way to go. no taping necessary)

(this is what the boys were doing while i was chalk painting.
unstacking the mountain of packing boxes destined for recycling day. yikes.)

add in a screw gun and a chalk pen, and my old calender does even come close to this awesomeness.
2 months at a glance and i'm in heaven.

before and after:

i still have more ideas that will someday happen.
i love this bedroom headboard (or even just as an accent wall)
i see these cold frames often at antique shops for growing herbs, etc. they can't be that hard to make...
don't tell my husband, but this is my real idea...
someday, when we have our farm and little plot of land, you will find him building me one of these...
the greenhouse will be built right beside the pottery studio he's going to build me :)
i have a kiln in storage right now, sitting right beside my pile of windows. they are both awaiting the day when they can can come out and play. 

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  1. Love all of your ideas! I think YOU are the one who needs to give ME decorating ideas! Hilarious that I mentioned putting new knobs on that dresser, not knowing it was a work in progress;) I love that thing!



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