room tour {emery's hodgepodge bedroom}

i suffer from an inability to stick with a theme.
what started as my obsession with Hoot by MoMo fabric, turned into a love for vintage pieces and a bit of asian flair. and, well, i don't really have a style. this room isn't perfect and i'm sure i'll never finish it. before long it will be rearranged for a big girl bed. i figured i might as well snap a few pictures before it changes.

to give you a starting point, the first 2 photos are from the day we closed on this house in april 2012 (a foreclosure)...and the third shows the state of emery's room while the rest of the house was being rehabbed for 8 weeks. i nearly cried when i came to the house and saw a table saw in the middle of her room.

those were L O N G days of hard work. i'm so very glad they are over :)

i am trying very hard to use only what we already have or items i can find free or on the cheap. it's been a fun challenge, and this room is a great example. i purchased 3 items in this room. can you guess which ones?

i have begun an obsession with painting furniture.
this little teal shelf was found on the side of the road on trash day.
i love trash day :)

it was dark brown and old. a few coats of primer and teal paint = love.

i will someday modge podge fabric on the top and sides...but for now, a little chevron quilt works just fine.

miss emery is quite obsessed with tea sets. this vintage set gets carried all over the house. it's a miracle we have any tea cups left.

 in fact, she is obsessed with just about anything. she is such a fantastic sponge of wonder and learning. there isn't anything that doesn't fascinate her...what a sweet little learner, she is!

this sweet vanity and mirror are my favorite. i found it for $30 at my favorite antique shop. i'm still deciding if i want to paint it or leave it shabby and natural. regardless, emery adores it.
she keeps all of her favorite things in the little drawers.
(ikea spice rack bookshelves)
every night, as i stand and rock emery to sleep, i stare at these doilies. i love them and hate them. i have rearranged them countless times. clearly they need rearranging again because they still bother me. maybe it's the odd open space? i had them spacey and drooping lower at one point, but a certain someone decided to pull down all the ones she could reach during her nap :)


  1. I love it! It's an awesome mix of eclectic, vintage, Asian and fun!

  2. This room is SO Emery!!! it has as mush SASSY-NESS as she does! A perfect fit!:)

  3. OMG, you have style to beat the band!! Such an adorable room.

  4. Hi! I came across your blog at Under the Sycamore. You have a beautiful family and a great sense of humor. Looking forward to reading more!

    Newest follower,



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