target girls {my all-over smile}

every wednesday night, the boys go to awana.
while they love awana, it makes for a late night, ending at 8:45pm.
my husband has been traveling 3 days a week for a few months now. we are nearing the end of our sanity, and thankfully, he is nearing the end of his weekly travel schedule.
wednesday nights are in the middle of his travels, so while the boys awana, miss emery and i must entertain ourselves.
(entertain = make every attempt to stay awake and avoid the mega meltdown. you know, the one that an entire target full of shoppers can hear? all the way in sporting goods? yeah, little lady is an expert in the area of mega meltdown.)

the target across the street from awana seems to do the trick.
although it tests my strongest tactics to not fill my cart with purchases, a certain someone loves target as much as her mama.
she loves perusing the clothes and toys and just about anything.

she's partial to the diaper isle and water bottles.

she's a silly creature.

so silly, in fact, that she gets more lively as the night goes on. more prone to giggles and scampering and hiding amongst the isles.


aside from occasionally being that mom (the one with a mega meltdown in her cart), our wednesday targeting is turning into a special night, just the two of us. she can show me all kinds of girly things without her brothers directing her path endlessly to the trucks and star wars items and legos.

i'm so infatuated with this little lady.
she makes every part of me smile.


  1. She is so stinkin adorable and stylish...just like her mommy! And by the way, what the heck is Awana? :)

  2. I love target, too! Emery is so cute - what a little sparkler she must be cruising the aisles. So bummed we couldn't meet in person. Em reminds me so much of Lily. Lily loves to roam Target, too. She has a thing for shoes as well :-). Love, Chenning

  3. Do they go to Awanas at CCCS? I go to church there! And I was at the Kids Sale at the Heritage School in Wayne and there was a woman with the most beautiful China baby. We were trying to get a look at the shoes while making sure we didn't get trampled by crazy kid sale moms and I asked her if she ever read your blog - and of course she did! We chatted for a minute and another girl turned around and said "I'm friends with Angie Weldon!" HA! So maybe she told you already but I've been meaning to comment with that story...what a small world it is!

  4. Mia nd I do the Target thing every Tuesday afternoon for an hour while the boys are at Spanish. She loves it too. LOL



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