the cutest little dollhouse you ever did see

this item is one of the gifts i treasure deeply.
it was given to emery by one of my dear friends. she (and a few other friends) worked feverishly to craft and finish it for emery's 2nd birthday.
(they found the idea from Hart + Sew)

i love it so much, i almost don't want the kids to play with it.

it's one of those gifts that is so special, it must be played with. otherwise, it would just be wrong to withhold such a treasure.

i need to make a few more dolls to give this little lady some company. the boys are requesting one for each of us...including light sabers and a tea set. i've got my work cut out for me.

emery has recently become very attached to "dolly". she carrys her everywhere. snuggles her close when she sleeps. gently rocks her and feeds her bottles. it's downright adorable.

has anyone else made one of these? i'm curious to know if anyone has any tips or patterns for making dolls or clothes.
maybe i just need to hop on it and make one.
i'm lazy, i tell ya. lazy.

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  1. The suitcase dollhouse is adorable! What a neat idea.

    I remember a while back you were looking for an Asian doll for your sweet girl and today I received an Amazon email with the link to this adorable baby doll and I figured you might like her!




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