the most special days {have bare feet}

there are a few days each year that are really special. the ones that feel wonderful all day long. usually, these days are spent outside on a warm, sunny day, with a slight breeze.
this type of day also involves kids playing and making toys out of strange things.
moms join in the play and then find a sunny patch of grass to sit and chat for a few precious moments.
they are the days that we don't go home when we should.
we push littles past their nap because we can't bare to waste any part of the day sleeping.
we eat crazy snacks and drink out of water bottles that may or may not have sand floating in the bottom.
bare feet run ramped and shirts are optional.

we had one of those days this week.
we met new friends at a favorite park...aptly named the "spiderweb" park because of its giant web tangle.

i always find myself at the top of its web at least once, and this day was no exception.
i bet the boys that i could get to the top of the web first. winner gets a handful of skittles.
over the years i have learned that little boys will climb higher, run faster, jump awesomer, when skittles are on the line.
they ate a lot of skittles that day :)

meanwhile, pretty little thang enjoyed a very large smoothie.

she's partial to anything served with a straw.

a year ago, i would have been carrying her everywhere at the park. holding her close to the ground and helping her pretend that she could "walk" up the stairs. she was terrified of slides and swings.

sometimes i forget what it was like a year ago...but today i remembered. and marveled at my pretty little thang.
she's a spunky one...and i wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Wow that structure looks really neat. I know my two boys would love it! Your spunky girl is just so darn cute! I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Those shots of Emery coming down the slide looking so happy, with that caption 'Find Your Way Home' behind her, just capture so much. Your precious little girl sure did find her way home to you guys.
    :) xx



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