the no-brainer DIY {infinity scarf}

these are the kinds of crafts i've been doing lately.
the kind that make me say "duh, why didn't i think of that??"

today, it's the infinity scarf.
i was eye-balling them at target last week, even momentarily putting one in my cart.
then it donned on me...i have at least 10 regular old scarves at home. i should just sew the ends together and make myself one. duh.

but when i got home, it was simply too much hassle to pull out the sewing machine. the thread. the scissors. drag it all out to my kitchen table, which was covered in leftover dinner, books, toys, mystery sticky stuff, etc.

so, my dreams of an infinity scarf evaporated. like my dreams of being hip and cool and fitting into my favorite jeans. 

but today...today my brain worked. i double knotted the ends of that old scarf, and voila.

i double knotted 9 other old scarves...they, too, are now infinity.

hip and cool? no.
not remotely.
but i am donning infinity today...no shower...but infinity nonetheless.

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