as a kid, i learned the art of chopping, loading and stacking wood. my family grew up with saturday work days. every. saturday. there were times that we rolled our eyes or whined. but for the most part, it was actually fun. hard work isn't really work when you are in it together and siblings make light what would otherwise feel heavy. those memories are some of my favorites of childhood, not only because we had fun together, but because it taught me the value of hard work. a quality that i am so thankful for.
it is among the best things i can pass onto my kids. 
as we loaded and stacked truckloads of wood with my dad this weekend, i smiled to see the boys cheerfully schlepping and piling firewood. i love passing on a part of my childhood to the boys. i love seeing their sweet attitudes and knowing they are learning one of the hardest lessons in life, without even realizing it.

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  1. can they get ANY CUTER! Oh my, they are adorable....and so helpful! Love the smiles as they make memories!



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