farm update & thank-you spinners

i'm very excited to report that we have nearly reached our goal of purchasing 2 farms! we are about $600 away from farm #2.
(we have decided to not purchase any christmas gifts this year, but instead help fund farms of animals through the organization 'World Vision.' each farm saves 10 families from hunger and provides 28 animals plus food and training to the families who will care for them. our goal is 2 farms = 20 families saved from hunger and 56 animals.)
 it has been an amazing experience to see letters from friends and family, both near and far, arriving in mail with incredible stories of the way God has been moving in their lives. my boys have poured over the letters and have been amazed each time another letter arrived. what an example of what God can do through 2 little kids.

it has been the best christmas ever, and it isn't even christmas yet!

we have ben thinking of creative ways to say thank-you to the sweet friends who have made sacrifices with us to fund the farms. i love how my boys really catch on to something and enjoy seeing it all the way through. they decided to make pinwheels and include pictures of the farm animals to send to each family who helped fund a farm.

goodness, i love the sweetness of these boys.

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  1. LOVE THEM!!!! they are amazing!!! I love to see little hearts consumed with God's love!!! nothing better!
    You should be getting our check the end of this week!!!



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