heartbroken {life is not a guarantee}

i awake to find his little self curled up next to mine. he finds his way into the middle of mommy and daddy sometime during the night...every night. his head finds my pillow and he sleeps peacefully knowing we are close by.

it's my favorite thing to wake up to in the morning. his long lashes still snoozing and his sweet sleepy self wanting kisses and hugs when he wakes up.

but today, i lay here with him, sobbing.
my heart literally hurts.
our reality could have been different today. our world could have stopped. i could have been the one running desperately to school to fine my baby gone.

i'm utterly heartbroken for moms and dads waking today in the horrible reality of what yesterday meant. praying that God can make Himself known today in the hearts of so many people broken. dear Lord, comfort. in ways that can only be explained as You. and please, oh please, teach me to better treasure these little loves while they are still in my arms.

life is not a guarantee. my children are not actually my own. hold them loosely dear friends and cherish the little moments.


  1. My heart is in so much agony over this. I just cant....even....

  2. Such a horrible tragedy and I too woke up with my baby girl squeezed in between my husband and I. It is such a butter sweet feeling because I knew other mothers arms were empty.

  3. It's just too much for my heart to handle. I can't even begin to imagine. I do have to say that in the midst of all this sadness, it's been awesome to see how many parents put aside their to-do lists, extra hours at work, shopping, etc this weekend... to hold their babies. To make gingerbread houses and watch Christmas movies. My heart aches for those parents going through such heartbreak right now. Praying they can find Jesus in their sorrow.



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