paper cone trees {the easiest project ever}

i'll be honest.
i have no time to make anything i see on pinterest.
i have no tolerance for projects taking more than 30 minuets.
no desire to create things that cost more to make than if i were to purchase it at a store.
so when i find something that i can make using what i already have on hand AND it takes 30 minuets or less?
i'm all over that.
cone trees are the latest project meeting all of my requirements.

LOVING my print from Recipe for Crazy! i splurged during her black friday sale and bought one of her lovely designs...i love supporting a talented stay at home mom :)

i've seen these trees made out of cereal boxes, but i happened to have old poster board laying around.

there are lots of tutorials online using all kinds of acorns and textiles that are really beautiful. i had spray paint, twine, fabric and doilies on hand. they worked just fine.

the boys were zipping around having a grand time torturing my trees.

it was the perfect project for them to join in, especially considering how much they love using glue guns.

(i've taught them the "end of the pen" attachment trick recently so they aren't as worried about getting burned).


1 comment:

  1. Darling!! I need to do this... The girls I nanny will love it! I got the same, you're love is a song print! So darling!



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