scrap-happy-habbit {my fabric obsession}

looking back at pictures from yesterday, i realized how much i love seeing used up fabric scraps. the latest appearance is on our dining room chairs...

i've always been scrappy.  but after a few years of etsy sales, my scrap-happy-habit morphed into a slight obsession. etsy sales gave me all kinds of reasons to buy fabric. the expensive kind that i wouldn't have purchased otherwise...i saved every last beautiful scrap. (it's not considered hoarding if you use it for crafts, right??)
since my etsy days are over for now, (heaven help me. i don't have time to take a shower, write the blog post i am currently writing or change the laundry. etsy was the first to go) i've needed to painfully pair down the farbic collection that i love so much. using up happy scraps on random projects seems like the best way to use it up. it makes me feel all sorts of accomplished.

i've been using my hoarded stash for banners lately. little random pieces go a long way, and i'm the queen of free handing letters and speedily sewing like a crazy lady.  these banners are one of the easiest projects if you don't get bogged down with perfection. i'm all about fast projects and this is one that can be tedious if you let it. cut those babies out and sew them on. plain and simple.

this one is currently hanging on my wall...

and these little cuties were made as gifts for my sweet friend's baby shower. she is adopting 2 beautiful girls from Congo (they leave NEXT WEEK!! to bring them home!!!)

 for a recent christmas party, i used cute little scrappies for these cups...

and these crazy christmas-y little banners are currently strung throughout my house...

i completely forgot about a christmas party gift exchange last week, so i ridiculously stayed up until 2 am making this little apron. scraps save the day, once again. it's a shame they can't save me from my own procrastination :)

and now my crafting quota for the next few weeks has been used up. i think i need a few weeks to sit and fold the piles of laundry that have inevitably built up due to all my random scrap crafting.

how do real people do anything and still keep everything together?
i've yet to figure that one out :)


  1. What great ideas for material that would have otherwise been thrown away. Love the apron!

  2. Beautiful, ang! I am inspired!!! Very practical question for you...it looks like you just cut and see the banners - not worrying about finishing the raw edges in any way - am I right? Do I really not need to worry about fraying? Love ya, chenning

  3. Love your "craftiness"!

    Can I ask where you got the large poster in the background that starts with Love Jesus?



  4. On those little, super long Christmas banners - what did you use? I've done some plain fabric banners using bias tape but it's not very long. I can't tell what you are sewing those pieces of fabric to. Or maybe you are just using the string of the sewing machine thread and continuing on?
    I can't tell if I'm making sense...



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