teacher gifts {DIY simple mini-terrarium}

one of my favorite things to make is gifts for friends and family. i enjoy making cards and handmade items and finding ways to use items i already have on hand. i also have certain craft requirements. some may call it economical...or maybe i'm just cheap :)

with christmas approaching, i wanted to make a little special something for the incredible teachers and professionals that work with my kids. they give above and beyond. nothing i can give will express the gratitude i have...but i love making a little something to say a bit of thank you. 

i've been loving mini terrariums. i keep seeing luscious succulents and cacti and other creative additions in beautiful jars and glass containers. i had dreams of buying these little hanging glass bubble balls online and making terrarium christmas ornaments.
(photo source here - this blog has so many incredible designs!!)

i need a minimum of 6 gifts. my budget for this craft is $30. total. yikes.
the glass bubble balls are cute, but at $9+ each plus shipping in addition to the lovely succulent plants is far out of the budget.

so i hunted for plants and jars that would fit in my 6 for $30 gift budget. i originally thought i would use recycled spaghetti/food jars. and i still might if i make these again, but i had these little jars sitting around from a few years ago. they were just right. i added rocks at the bottom to soak up water (from the kids rock box...hope they don't notice :)

as for the plants...well, i have no idea what i'm doing with plants. these were small and $3 each. perfect.

and added some of my scraps...

nothing earth shattering or amazing. but within my price range. and that makes them awesome :)

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