the kids who won't stop hugging.

i had grand ideas to take the kids on an adventure. dress them in all sorts of coordinating outfits, dream up fun props (including dragging a vintage chair into the woods) and make an all-out-amazing photoshoot to use for our christmas cards.
and you know what? that will never happen. it's waaaay too much work.

what does happen?
throwing a quilt on the deck and gathering children from the sandbox with promises of fruit smoothies when pictures are done. one certain lady had just woken up from a nap. i forgot to redo her pony tales and she wasn't in an especially happy mood.

the most wonderful thing...
real life.

i could barley get them to look at the camera because they wouldn't stop hugging each other. quite possibly the best problem i've ever had.

i smile when i see these photos because they aren't the perfect photoshoot...
they are so much better.


the boys were gushing over sister (as they usually do when she wakes up from a nap). i can hear rowie saying "oh mom, shes just so cute today! where did you get this little dress?"
and foster saying, "here sissy, you go in the middle so we can both snuggle you. can i hold you? here you go sissy. sit right here with me. i'll hold you safe."
and on and on.

there are plenty of moments in life when they irritate each other and someone screams because someone hit them with a stray tennis ball. or someone got sand in their eyes because someone wouldn't stop flinging it.
capturing how they really feel about each other is a moment to cherish.

and p.s. she's so gorgeous. i can hardly stand it.



  1. We got your card yesterday and love, love, love it! What sweet kids who demonstrate unconditional love :-). And yes, Emery is so gorgeous. What a beauty :-). Love, Chenning

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I love that your card shows real beautiful sibling love.....it's so warm and fuzzy, and the cuteness is OFF the charts!! Ahhhh, way to stop and catch the moment! love it!

  3. Perfection is over rated. LOL She is one BEAUTIFUL little girl and your boys are sooo handsome. :) Love the cards. Merry Christmas. Oh can you email me your address again. :)

  4. Your cards are beautiful! Love the photos and love that the boys dote on their sister, beautiful!!!!



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