words that don't need to be said {her "it" factor}

she has a certain something.
a quality that you can't describe.

it must have something to do with such a long period of time relying on non-verbal communication.
she can draw you into a conversation without saying a word.

i love watching her bop around. pushing chairs or stools to reach up high. finagling scissors and glue sticks like a 5 year old. she knows her way around the ipad a little too well and has purchased apps all by herself on several occasions. itunes must love it when kids buy crazy apps.

she started talking recently. over the past 2 months, her vocabulary has exploded and she says new things every day. it's been incredible to hear her sweet voice and know more of what she wants and needs.

although, we still use our special language. the one that doesn't need words. she often tells me what she needs with only a glance.

it's been a sincere blessing to have a year without words.
yes, frustrating at times...but i see now what it gave us as a family and what it gave my relationship with her.
we have to work hard to understand each other. harder than if language had come instantly. and in that hard work, we found a special blessing of knowing each other in a way that doesn't need words.
a great many things can be said when no one's talking.

i really want to know what she will be when she's all grown up.
what will her determination and specificity produce in the future?
one thing's for sure...she knows what she wants and she does not give up. never. no matter what.
this can be a frustrating trait when the thing she wants is a candy cane before dinner :) and knowing the best way to harness her determination is tricky. but for the most part, it is an extremely positive trait. one that amazes me to see what she can accomplish.
i have a feeling she will do a great many things.


  1. Oh sweet friend, isn't this the truth! I can completely agree with everything you wrote ... oh so true!

  2. also: she is too cute for words...
    kindest regards

  3. So beautiful, Angie ... love how you are embracing and cherishing your sweet daughter!

  4. agreed!!!!! Communication is so much more than words....LOVE her smile, it melts me!!!! (((HUGS)))
    ps. LOVED getting to hug you in person last night!!



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