the LOVE.

i've been up since long before the sun came up with little wiggly people in my bed wanting snuggles and sips of water and who knows what.

as i lay in bed, exhausted and irritated about my lack of sleep, i look over at the LOVE on our bedroom wall.

it's more powerful than my exhaustion. deeper than my bad attitude.
able to brighten the darkest of mornings.

LOVE is something spectacular...and it's the LOVE that's keeping me smiling today.


  1. Just finished reading in my quiet time about LOVE, I needed those convicting scriptures of Love and walking in the Spirit. Thanks for your simple but profound post today. :) Hope you are doing well. Love Love the dresser. Can I ask what color you used on it. I have a French Gray from Sherwin Williams picked out for my kitchen island but I love the gray of that dresser. I also want to paint my boring Piano.

  2. Ah, thanks for the great reminder for me and my often selfish attitude. LOVE.



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